Air India Flight TO CREATE Back Stranded Indians From Wuhan Tonight


All of the Indians will be thoroughly examined by doctors.

New Delhi:

A specially-prepped Air India Boeing 747 is bringing back Indians stranded in China’s Wuhan, amid the coronavirus outbreak which has killed over 200 people. The plane, that is carrying five doctors from Delhi’s Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital and an Air India paramedic, tonight will return.

As infected passenger poses serious health risk to cabin crew, pilots and the fellow passengers, all of the Indians will be thoroughly examined by doctors. On February 1 another special flight to China can be scheduled.

The Indians to be evacuated today from Wuhan will undoubtedly be quarantined in a specially prepared facility in Manesar near Delhi on the return, the Indian Army, which includes mounted a full-fledged operation for this function, said. The facility will house approximately 300 students who’ll be viewed for signs of infection for 14 days by way of a team of doctors and medical personnel.

Upon their arrival in India they’ll be screened at the airport by way of a joint team of Airport Health Authority (AHO) and MILITARY Medical Services (AFMS). Individuals suspected of infection will undoubtedly be shifted to an isolation ward at Base Hospital Delhi Cantonment (BHDC).

Through the screening students will undoubtedly be classified into three groups.

The initial group will contain “suspected cases” – people with signs of fever/cough and/or respiratory distress. These will undoubtedly be transferred right to the BHDC.

The next group will contain “close contact cases” – those that usually do not show symptoms but have visited seafood or animal markets (the herpes virus is suspected to possess broken out at a seafood market in Wuhan) or experienced connection with a Chinese person showing symptoms within the last 14 days.

Such individuals will undoubtedly be escorted, within an earmarked vehicle, to the facility directly.

The 3rd group will undoubtedly be known as “non-contact cases”. They are individuals who usually do not display any observeable symptoms or haven’t had connection with a possibly infected Chinese person during the past fortnight.

This group, that will also be delivered to the quarantine facility, may also include those that do not match either of the initial two categories.

All individuals in the facility will wear three-layered masks and undergo daily medical examination. If, after 14 days, no symptoms are showed by them, they will be allowed to go back home.

However, they’ll continue being under district/state surveillance and their medical records will undoubtedly be forwarded to concerned authorities for follow-up.

India reported its first positive case of coronavirus on Thursday – a Keralite student from Wuhan University.

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