Teacher, Student’s Mother Arrested Over Anti-CAA Play In Karnataka


Teacher, Student's Mother Arrested Over Anti-Citizenship Act Play In Karnataka

Protests against CAA and NRC have erupted in the united states.


Two women, mom of a learning student and the top teacher, have already been arrested in a sedition case filed in Karnataka against an exclusive school over a play on the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Act earlier this month.

The play was staged in the institution run by the Shaheen Band of Institutions by students of Class 4, 5 and 6 on January 21. Five days later, the institution was charged by the authorities with sedition over remarks allegedly made against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The institution play caught the eye of the authorities whenever a clip of the function was circulated online. The authorities claim they received a complaint contrary to the play and filed the case on Monday.

A team of cops arrived at the institution soon afterwards and questioned teachers and children who acted in the play. Mom of the student who allegedly spoke what against PM Modi, Nazbunissa Minsa, and the top teacher, Fareeda Begum, on Thursday were arrested, senior officer T Sreedhara told NDTV.

“They’re trying for bail, but are actually in judicial custody,” Mr Sreedhara said.

The arrests sparked shock and anger, however the officer claimed that the charges contrary to the two women “aren’t excessive”. Mr Shreedhara said that as the two haven’t been charged under sedition or other serious provisions of regulations so far, the ultimate charges against them will be made based on the ongoing investigation.

Based on the officer, mom has been charged with abetting the usage of abusive language. “She tutored her daughter to introduce fresh words which were not there in the initial script,” he told NDTV. The top teacher was taken into custody as the play happened with her permission and knowledge.

In a bite distributed to NDTV, Nazbunissa Minsa was heard saying that she was to be blamed for the play. “Nobody else is in charge of this — just me,” she said.

Nilesh Rakshala, the person who filed the entire case contrary to the school, maintained that the institution had committed a significant offence. “Innocent children are increasingly being used by the institution management to stage a play contrary to the National Register of Citizens and the Citizenship Amendment Act, both initiatives brought by honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This play staged by the institution has dishonoured the high office of the Prime Minister and helped propagate anti-national sentiments on the list of public,” he told mediapersons.

However, questions have already been raised on the explanation behind undertaking arrests for relatively trivial reasons. “Filing this FIR and undertaking arrests certainly are a blatant abuse of state power.

The Supreme Court has limited  the application of sedition to acts involving intention or tendency to generate disturbance or incitement to violence, which a play by children is obviously not. This only shows just how much the federal government fears criticism in virtually any form, the efforts it’ll head to stifle questions and the truth that this type of government can’t be called democratic,” Maitreye, a Bengaluru-based advocate, told NDTV.

The Shaheen management has expressed its willingness to greatly help with the probe. “We have been citizens of the great nation.  We will obey our police and courts. We shall do everything inside our capacity to cooperate with the investigation,” said Abdul Subhan, a representative of the educational school.

An identical controversy had erupted a couple weeks ago, whenever a school in Karnataka’s Dakshina Kannada district staged a play that showed school children re-enacting the 1992 demolition of the Babri Masjid at a meeting attended by Puducherry Lt Governor Kiran Bedi. Police filed cases against five people, including Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat, the educational school principal and an RSS leader, after Twitter erupted in outrage.

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