Corona virus symptoms and effects : Must Read Safety Guide

Corona virus symptoms and effects : Must Read Safety Guide

Coronavirus has become quite a deadly term of late. It has taken the world by surprise.  It started from China and has taken the whole world by surprise.

Naturally, the whole world is on its foot regarding the further developments associated with it. Each country on its individual capacity has taken every possible precautionary measure to take back its citizens from China and to monitor their progress in the initial couple of weeks. Yes, they have been called back but under extreme vigil and right after their arrival have been kept under strict observation for the obvious reasons in order to know whether they have caught up with the virus or not.

  • They have been held at a secluded place to monitor their conditions
  • The team of heath care professionals keeps a close vigil on the arrival of citizens from China

Coronavirus is said to be the deadly term known for the type of virus which has an effect on the respiratory tracts of mammals, birds and yes humans are also included in it.

Regarding the coronavirus symptoms and effects, the sufferer reports of common cold, pneumonia, bronchitis along with various acute respiratory syndromes.

The thing to mention here is that the sufferer may not necessarily know it, since it is in the close proximity of cold or flu.

Corona virus symptoms in adults

There has been the threat of corona virus in various countries of the world and it has also necessitated the authorities to know the Corona virus symptoms in adults.

Regarding the corona virus symptoms and effects which include the following:-

  • Cough
  • Running nose
  • Sore throat
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Fatigue
  • The patient may have pneumonia in lungs
  • The suffer may have difficulty in breathing

Considering the fact that China has been at the center of experiencing the maximum deaths.  So, if you have been to the country or know someone who has visited the country, then you need to be cautious

It is true that corona virus has necessitated authorities to be at the tip of their toes, world over, but there has been only few studies.

Corona virus symptoms in kids

Experts are in the learning phase to know the exact effect on kids, but they have found it to have milder infection on kids, as compared to grown-ups. Considering the total number of kids affected as of now has numbered around 100, where mostly, they have been infected from the one who already had suffered. New cases are continuously coming up, so it is important to safeguard kids. Corona virus symptoms in kids remain the same with regards to adults

Can the virus transmit to other human beings?

Yes, there has been a confirmation that it transmit from human to human as the rapid increase in the number of patients relate to the same too.

It is believed that coronavirus keeps on spreading to different countries.

It takes roughly 2-4 days for Cold or flu-like symptoms to start its effect and is comparably mild in nature. However, still it may vary and depend on people while certain form can prove to be deadly as well

Understanding and ascertaining the effect of corona virus in the lab has become quite a challenging task for scientists. Since, it has become difficult for them to understand about human corona virus unlike rhinovirus, which also has the symptom of common cold.

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