Corona virus cure is it found? A Shocking News

Corona virus cure in Ayurveda

Currently, the world is seeing increasing number of cases concerning the virus and it has necessitated everyone to ask whether Corona virus cure, is it found? Well, there is no remedial measure which has come to the fore. “Surprise” can be the best term to understand the intensity of corona virus as everyone just couldn’t believe the massive deadly effect it has actually caused. Yes, it is true that a relatively new disease, it hasn’t got a drug, which can be acutely referred as the corona virus cure. Research is being done in various clinical trials which has infected over 48,000 and killed more than 1,400 people in China alone.

Corona virus cure Medicine

Scientists and doctors are doing their best at the moment, in terms of research as there is no known cure. Obviously, the doctors want to help everyone and to curtail this disease. However, scientists are cautious regarding the trials as they believe, that only carefully conducted trail can help towards moving further.

Corona virus cure by garlic

There has been series of so called “remedial measures” which are put in the online world. Yes, the exaggeration is to the scale, that they are actually referred as “miracle cures”, especially, as the corona virus has spread its tentacles. One of the things which is widely published online is regarding corona virus cure by garlic. Well, the truth is that, no such thing is going to cure the virus. That’s very important. So, it is advised to not get trapped on the recipe in the social media which you may have come across where all it takes to cure from the virus is to have a “bowl of boiled garlic water”. Well, unfortunately, in no time the news got viral which even necessitated WHO to end rumors saying that there is absolutely no proof of it, that it is going to prevent those who are infected with corona virus. Similarly, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has also categorically said that there are no vaccines or antiviral drugs which can be best recommended towards preventing it.

Corona virus cure in Ayurveda

There is no scientific evidence regarding the corona virus cure in Ayurveda. There has been an uproar, when a concerned ministry of India namely AYUSH suggested ayurvedic treatments for coronarivurs. Considering the fact, that virus is new and has such a devastating effect, so there is no vaccine which is there to combat the nature of such a disease. However, there are certain valuable tips which are very important for people to take and follow:-

  • Drink as much water as you can
  • A household cleaning spray should be used to disinfect objects which are touched on regular basis
  • It is important not to over exert yourself and take proper rest
  • Before you cough or sneeze, cover yourself with a tissue and don’t forget to throw in the trash
  • People who show symptoms should wear facemasks in order to avoid the spread of disease
  • Refrain from smoking and save yourself from being in the company of those who smoke
  • It is preferred not to touch your mouth, nose and eyes
  • When you feel sick, it is important to rest by staying at home

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