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Created by Olan Rogers for TBS, Final Space is one among several sci-fi comedies flooding onto screens these past few years. This one, however, is a fun cocktail of the genre with the style of comedy best portrayed in shows like The Simpsons and Futurama. The story is not very complex to follow, but the animation is gorgeous — and the characters, all of them unique, aren’t spread too thin.

The first and second seasons have received comfortable levels of appreciation from both critics and viewers, and the third season is planned for release next year. In the meantime, consider the IMDb top ten episodes of Final Space.

10 Chapter 7 (S1 E7) – 8.5

As happens through all the first season, this episode also begins with a timer running down on Gary’s oxygen tank (3 minutes remaining.) This is a sad moment for all, as Avocato sacrifices himself to save Gary and Little Cato: the Galaxy One is in mourning.

Things move rapidly soon enough: Nightfall reveals herself to Gary and Quinn, explaining to the former that she has seen him die in many timelines, always killed by the Lord Commander, voiced by the talented David Tennant. As a side-note: Little Cato tries to hijack Nightfall’s ship and almost dies.

9 The Remembered (S2 E8) – 8.7

The ship is trapped in what seems like an asteroid clump (but are actually Temporal Worm eggs.) The larva inevitably swallows them whole, transporting them to Tera Con Prime, three years ago.

Luckily, Clarence tells Gary that he can steal a dimensional key from the Lord Commander, while Little Cato goes to find his dad. Past Avocato gives the dimensional key to his future son, but he loses him again. Luckily, Time Swap Sammy’s plan and Gary’s sacrifice help them bring original Avocato back.

8 The Descent Into Darkness (S2 E12) – 8.8

The mission is almost at an end, with Sheryl Goodspeed having found four of the dimensional keys. Ash is unwilling to leave her brother, Fox (who was maimed by their dad, Clarence), but is guilted into action. Sheryl murders the Beforians, before grabbing the final key.

It is here that she reveals her true motive: to bring back her husband by giving Oreksis whatever he wants. KVN endures more suffering to get the keys, succeeding only due to Mooncake’s support. Gary and Nightfall manage to defeat Sheryl, keeping her prisoner until their job is done. Also, H.U.E. and A.V.A have some kinky consciousness mixing going on.

7 Chapter 9 (S1 E9) – 8.9

The Team Squad are desperately looking for the antimatter bomb hidden away by Gary’s dad, John Goodspeed. They are almost too late, seeing as the Earth is already being sucked into the Breach. Quinn tells an eager Gary that it is not the right time for a date.

The location of the bomb can only be accessed by swimming through a deep tunnel, but Quinn is knocked unconscious on their way back. Gary saves her, but they now have to face down the Lord Commander and his Heavy Incinerators.

6 The Closer You Get (S2 E9) – 8.9

Avocato has no memory of anyone, even his son, which greatly upsets Little Cato. Strangely, the group helps him remember a few things after undergoing a series of beatings. In Kanopus Prime, Gary meets a guy (?) named Phil, whose creepy overtures were simply a reflection of Gary’s own pre-conceived notions.

Quinn tells him that it was too risky for him to have contacted her, but Invictus takes this chance and possesses him (before jumping to Avoacto.) The episode ends with Little Cato shooting his dad. One amazing queer-positive (re: non-binary) bit in this episode is Tribore telling Shannon that he is in love with his other half (his species flips gender twice a year.)

5 Chapter 8 (S1 E8) – 9.0

Nightfall takes charge, directing the ship to lightfold into the central star of the Orion Nebula. Bolo places Gary inside an “interactive memory” of his father, in which John reacts as if he actually does meet his adult son.

The pair has a short, sweet talk (and an adorable game of catch.) before John floats away to the Breach carrying the anti-matter bomb. Goodspeed’s partner, Jack, morphs into the Lord Commander through the essence of Final Space. The tide changes when Mooncake is told that his body is constructed of Final Space itself.

4 The Other Side (S2 E4) – 9.0

This episode is spent almost entirely within Little Cato’s mind — he imagines spending decades with the whole group, trying to save Gary who is trapped on the other side of the time shard. The fantasy adventures are fascinating (especially Mooncake’s voice modulator showing that he was a mean creature the whole time.)

Fortunately, very little time has passed on the actual other side, with Gary and everyone else. In the end, Ash uses her energy blasts to shatter the shard, reverting Little Cato into his original timeline; but the young Ventrexian retains all his memories of the past 60 years.

3 The Sixth Key (S2 E13) – 9.2

The Season 2 finale is an explosive treat, indeed. The Team Squad is uncertain as to Bolo’s allegiance, but are soon distracted the appearance of Avocato (possessed by Invictus.) Little Cato deactivates his father’s ship, while Gary and Sheryl go through Tribore’s “deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, brain-ial therapy.”

It works, but she thinks that the time for amends has passed. The fight between Avocato and the Team Squad is one-sided, with Invictus’ overwhelming power defeating every one at once. Mooncake unwillingly agrees to take Nightfall’s life, making her the sixth key and freeing Bolo. The Crimson Light makes it into Final Space, where Gary and Quinn are reunited (under the dark shadow of Invictus.)

2 Chapter 6 (S1 E6) – 9.3

Gary, in classic Homer Simpson form, teams up with Avocato on a mission to rescue Little Cato, but it seems to be a trap. At this point, Avocato spills his darkest secret: that he served the Lord Commander faithfully (until his child was kidnapped to ensure continued faith.) Little Cato is being mentally controlled, but paternal love prevails, and the hypnosis is broken.

The last scene is one of a father’s sacrifice for his son, and a Ventrexian’s for his friends, as Avocato shields the ship from the bomb sneakily attached to Little Cato’s vest, and is killed.

1 Chapter 10 (S1 E10) – 9.3

The Season 1 finale takes the number one spot, and for good reason. The space battle between the Galaxy One and the Lord Commander is nothing short of ingenious. The Team Squad accepts H.U.E.’s tactical suggestion, wiping out every single one of the Heavy Incinerators trying to destroy them.

The Lord Commander tortures Mooncake, extracting enough energy to tear open the Breach. Instead of taking him, as he had hoped, a gigantic Titan hand emerges and snatches the Earth into Final Space.

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