10 Episodes Of The X-Files That Would’ve Been Better As A Movie


The X Files is really a pop-culture staple with several movies under its belt. Listed below are ten episodes that would’ve served better as films.

The X-Files follows two FBI agents that interact to attempt to solve unusual cases that appear to have a supernatural, paranormal, or elsewhere unexplainable element in their mind. The show has aired a complete of 11 seasons and contains spawned two movies that follow these characters, meaning there were a lot of supernatural beings and unusual cases for these agents to research through the years.

Apart from both movies in the series, the episodes are about one hour long. While this does give the required time for the characters to understand concerning the case and leave to research it and solve the issues that the creature involved was causing, you can find definitely some episodes of the series that deserved additional time. Whether it had been an especially interesting monster or perhaps a really unique storyline running through the entire episode, there are a number of episodes of The X-Files that could have been better still as a full-length movie.

10 “Duane Barry”

“Duane Barry” may be the fifth bout of the next season of The X-Files. This episode follows a former FBI agent named Duane Barry who claims to possess been abducted by aliens. Duane insists on taking you to definitely the abduction site with him and claims that aliens will take see your face rather than taking him again. After he Scully chooses to take, this episode becomes important entangled in plenty of future storylines involving Scully. This episode’s antagonist, Duane Barry, was an extremely unique character that definitely deserved more screen time and time and energy to flesh out his background.

9 “Leonard Betts”

“Leonard Betts” may be the twelfth bout of the fourth season of The X-Files. The episode begins on a fairly terrifying note with a headless corpse seeming to obtain up and go out of the morgue, leading Mulder and Scully to attempt to track him down. Because the episode reveals down the road, the man is really a mutant who seeks out cancer patients and feeds on that disease to be able to regenerate areas of the body and present himself strength. Your body horror in this episode and the initial antagonist make this episode a prime candidate for a full-length movie.

8 “Familiar”

“Familiar” may be the eighth bout of the eleventh season of The X-Files. This episode came during among the later seasons following the series had ended and been rebooted for another season.  The episode follows as Scully and Mulder happen to be Connecticut to research the murder of a boy. Although officials claim it had been animals, both agents are sure that something much darker was the real cause and, since it turned out, they were right completely.

7 “Bad Blood”

Luke Wilson X-Files

“Bad Blood” may be the twelfth bout of the fifth season of The X-Files. This episode can be an exemplory case of the show’s “monster of the week” format having an antagonist and storyline that’s not linked to the overlying storyline or mythology. For this reason, the initial monster in this episode definitely could have done well with an increase of screentime and a full-length movie where the writers could give extra background information. This episode follows as Mulder kills someone he believes to possess been a vampire. Each individual in the episode includes a completely different undertake what happened, resulting in a twisty and interesting episode.

6 “Home”

Following the episode “Home” aired through the fourth season of The X-Files, it had been met with a substantial amount of backlash from viewers. Many viewers thought that it had been just too dark and too disturbing and the network stopped re-playing it for quite a while after that due to the backlash. But, it’s that same darkness and the disturbing storyline that could get this to episode into a fantastic horror movie.

This episode follows as Mulder and Scully are assigned the case of a child who was simply born with severe physical defects. Each of them happen to be an isolated home in Pennsylvania where they meet up with the Peacock family. Initially, each of them think they could have a kidnapping victim kept inside your home, but their investigation requires a much darker turn because they learn the reality of the family’s story.

5 “Clyde Buckman’s Final Repose”

“Clyde Buckman’s Final Repose” may be the fourth bout of the 3rd season of The X-Files. In this episode, Mulder and Scully are tasked with investigating a number of murders that appear to have already been targeting psychics and mediums. To be able to make an effort to solve the entire case, each of them look for the aid of Clyde Buckman, a guy who gets the uncanny capability to tell when someone will die. This episode is really a really popular one in the series, but having a full-length movie that gets more in-depth with Buckman’s abilities and really dives in to the investigation in an extended format could have made it better still.

4 “Pusher”

“Pusher” may be the 17th bout of the 3rd season of The X-Files. In this episode, Mulder and Scully are tasked with investigating a guy who appears to have the unusual capability to force other folks to take their very own lives, resulting in him going by the pseudonym of “Pusher.” In the episode, Pusher and Mulder have a heated and forth that becomes pretty intense situations back. The truth that there have been so many seasons following this demonstrates Mulder arrived on the other hand, however the dramatic episode could have been perfect in a full-length film.

3 “Humbug”

“Humbug” can be an episode from the next season of The X-Files where Mulder and Scully happen to be Florida to be able to investigate a number of murders which have taken place inside a community of former sideshow performers. Mulder believes that at fault is really a mysterious monster referred to as the Fiji Mermaid but, as generally in most episodes, Scully argues that it generally does not exist.

This episode is one which has more of a comedic tone to it and is heavily centered on the thought of identity and peoples’ choices to either stick out or easily fit into. Although this episode wasn’t linked with the mythology of all of those other series, the truth that it has this interesting storyline and commentary on personal identity would be interesting by means of a full-length movie.

2 “Die Hand Die Verlezt”

“Die Hand Die Verlezt” can be an episode from the next season of The X-Files. The episode follows as Mulder and Scully happen to be a town in New Hampshire to research a murder that appears to indicate a much bigger problem in the city. Between your Satanic cult and the visit from the devil, this episode is certainly one which was pretty terrifying and was an excellent episode but could have been better still as a full-length movie with an increase of of a check out the cult which has taken over the city.

1 “Irresistible”

“Irresistible” can be an episode from the next season of The X-Files and is certainly among the darker and much more disturbing episodes of the series. This episode follows a guy who’s a “death fetishist” who begins to start out kidnapping and killing women to be able to fulfill his desires. The episode’s antagonist is among the more disturbing in the show, but a full-length movie version of the episode could have been better still compared to the episode due to that.

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