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The show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia wouldn’t complete with Sweet Dee. She has many different qualities, here are some of her best and worst.

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The show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia would not be complete with Sweet Dee. She may not be the most responsible TV character, but she is pretty, funny, creative, and witty, as she helps in entertaining schemes, shows off comedic skills and delivers snappy retorts and insults. 

Like any and every other human being out there, Dee Reynolds is made up of positive and negative personality traits (like the 10 listed out below), and since Always Sunny has been on the air since 2005, fans have been able to learn all about her strengths, weaknesses, interests, and flaws… for better or for worse. 

10 Best: Funny

sweet dee iasip

As mentioned, Dee can be pretty hilarious, and she has an interest in acting and performing. While she hasn’t made it big yet, she has put her characters and skits on display over the years, such as Crazy Paddy and Martina Martinez. 

Some of her jokes may be inappropriate (okay… most of them), but an episode of this television series wouldn’t be the same without her bursting into the bar in a spirited way or her insulting the guys in an outrageous way.

9 Worst: Has Stagefright 

always sunny dee gag comedy stage fright

It is interesting that Dee has a dream of being a famous star because she is sort of scared of the spotlight; a couple of times, she has gotten up on stage, in order to do stand-up comedy.

And during those moments, she always gags, shuts down, freaks out, and runs away scared!

8 Best: Employed

There have been countless schemes, games, and adventures on this TV show, and even amidst the most in-depth plans, viewers must remember that the members of The Gang are employed. There just isn’t always a lot of work happening.

Yes, Mac, Dennis, and Frank are co-owners of Paddy’s Pub, Charlie is the janitor (he sold his stakes to Mac and Dennis), and Dee bartends (as well as has “merchandising rights”… but not really).

7 Worst: Gets Distracted

As stated, though, these characters get a bit distracted from their jobs. They have beef with people, they are lazy, they want to have fun, they are selfish… So many other things in life keep them from efficiently running their pub 100 percent of the time.

So even though Dee is smart and seems put together on the outside, she is just as imperfect as the rest of them!

6 Best: Creative

The mishaps are the best parts of this series, though, as they make for great television. And no matter what The Gang is up to, Dee is using her creativity to assist.

Sure, this skill may be used in a bad and harmful way, but her resourcefulness and artistic abilities are both positive traits, overall. 

5 Worst: Selfish

All of the main characters have at least one negative trait in common: They are selfish. Though they are best friends and family, they really only care about themselves; they have belittled, hurt, backstabbed, and abandoned each other over and over within this story.

Dee, specifically, will do whatever it takes to get her way, and she is often pitted against the men, having to fight for herself.

4 Best: Pretty

always sunny dee

Deandra is also attractive, and if someone just passed her on the street, they may think that she was a real catch. Those who know this show, however, know there is more than meets the eye. Still, she takes care of herself and dresses nicely, making her even prettier. 

Plus, a fun fact is that she is married to Rob McElhenney (the actor who plays Mac) in real life… so he definitely thinks this actress is beautiful!

3 Worst: Ruins Every Relationship 

always sunny lil kev and dee

While several people have been attracted to Dee over the years, those relationships always ended disastrously. 

She was with an underage boy, she was embarrassed by a few significant others (such as Lil’ Kev and Ben Smith), and she even hooked up with Charlie once! Will she ever find The One? Are any of these main characters destined to settle down? Only time will tell…

2 Best: Witty

Tons and tons of dumb decisions are made on IASIP, but some of these characters are smart. Dee, for instance, went to college, keeps up with the news, and seems to enjoy staying informed/sharing knowledge.

She is also witty, with funny comebacks and jokes, which is another positive trait that this television character possesses.

1 Worst: Disrespected/Surrounded By Other Selfish & Rude People

Kaitlin Olson as Sweet Dee at fake baby funeral in Its Always Sunny

The list of her positive traits could go on and on… but they would all be shot down and overshadowed by Mac, Dennis, and Charlie. They ignore her, call her a bird, and don’t respect her. In fact, there have been very few times when they actually acknowledged her wit or helpfulness at all!

She tries to demand respect, but she is outnumbered. It seems like she would quit hanging out with them, but deep down, they really do all care for one another… Right?

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