AMC CONCERT HALLS Push Reopening After Tenet & Mulan Delays


Following a delays of movies like Tenet and Mulan, AMC Theatres has officially pushed back its official reopening date by about fourteen days.

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Following a delays of movies like Tenet and Mulan, AMC Theatres has officially pushed back its official reopening date. Concert halls around the world have already been closed since as soon as February due to the coronavirus pandemic, and as a complete result, the 2020 box office is in shambles. In the usa, theaters have already been closed since March, and generally, they remain that real way. A small number of locations have reopened in a variety of states, but with coronavirus cases continuing to go up in america, most major chains have exercised caution in planning their reopening plans. Cinemark opened their theaters on June 19, and Regal is targeting July 10. AMC initially planned to reopen on July 15, just with time to start out showing new releases.

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However, because the current situation is indeed uncertain, for July have since escaped to August those movies once planned. Tenet moved from July 31 to August 12, while Mulan went from July 24 to August 21. There are several smaller movies planning theatrical releases before those two, like Russell Crowe’s Unhinged, but most theaters have already been pinning their reopening hopes on the big blockbusters to greatly help bring audiences back. At this true point, Mulan and Tenet remain the final potential summer blockbusters of the entire year.

Now Deadline reports AMC has officially moved its reopening to July 30. 450 locations will open their doors on that day, with all of those other 600 theaters gradually checking within a phased plan. This can also extend to AMC’s nations. This new date of July 30 allows AMC to most probably for all those smaller films like Unhinged (that is scheduled for July 31) because they await the August movies. AMC’s CEO Adam Aron said this in a statement:

We continue steadily to devote extraordinary resources into our intend to operate our theatres with a hyper commitment to the safety and health of our guests and associates, notably in the usa through our new AMC Safe & Clean initiative. Our theatre general managers over the U.S. started working regular again today and so are back their theatres gearing around obtain buildings fully ready just a couple weeks from now for moviegoers. Day that happy, whenever we can welcome guests into the majority of our U back.S. theatres, thursday will be, July 30.

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AMC may be the theater chain which has arguably experienced the news probably the most through the shutdown. Financially, AMC has already reached the brink of bankruptcy and at one point even suggested they might struggle to actually reopen. This implies there is a chance that AMC will not be willing to rebel their reopening once more if Tenet and Mulan leave August behind. Needless to say, any more potential delays might not come for some more weeks, so AMC has time adjust their plans if needed.

A very important factor is for certain though: AMC will demand its customers to wear masks. Initially, AMC said they might not reinforce facial coverings, however they changed their tune following backlash online. Theaters experienced to look at several health guidelines to be able to ensure they are able to open safely, and AMC is not any exception. Their delayed reopening might come as a disappointment to those who find themselves eager to make contact with the films, but at the very least it was just a two-week delay. Only time shall tell if it sticks.

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Source: Deadline


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