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There are plenty of different armor sets in the original Dark Souls, and each one is good for a different situation…but some are better than others.

The original Dark Souls is a brutal series of trials designed to inflict tremendous pain. From the cramped Undead Asylum to the depths of the Abyss, players will need to be able to find the best armor to keep their fragile characters alive, lest they lose their souls.

The only issue is that no one set of armor is going to do the trick for everybody. Dark Souls is an extremely versatile game that presents many different challenges and accommodates many different playstyles. Because each set of armor has different weight values and different levels of resistance for each damage type, the best armor is entirely dependent on the player’s playstyle and the threats they are facing. Still, there are a few prime candidates in each category that will do any player justice in almost every scenario.

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There are multiple ways to break down different classes of armor, but the easiest is by weight. Here are some of the best sets of Heavy, Medium, and Light armor in Dark Souls’ universe.

Dark Souls’ Best Heavy Armor Sets

Ignoring the fact that there are different types of physical damage, the heavy armor set with the highest base physical defense is the Giant Armor Set according to the Fextralife wiki. Players can buy this bulky suit of plate from the Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo for a small stipend of 26,000 souls. Swap the helmet with the Mask of the Father (obtained by beating Pinwheel in the Tomb of the Giants) and the player can don the uniform of online trolls and try-hards, commonly called the Giant Dad Set by Souls fans. Other honorable mentions in this category are the Stone set, Smough’s Set and the Black Iron Set.

Dark Souls’ Best Medium Armor Sets

Dark Souls Steel Armor Set

The amount of weight a player carries determines how good their dodge is. In Dark Souls’ gameplay, the lower the equipment load, the better the dodge. So, if players are looking for high defense while still being able to dodge somewhat properly, then the best set of medium armor they could find is the Steel Set. To obtain this set, the player has to endure the brutal traps and trials of Sen’s Fortress and find the Crestfallen Merchant. He should be chilling in a tower located across a broken bridge that the player must jump across. The set costs 23,000 souls, so maybe it would be worth it to stick to a cheaper, comparable option. Consider the honorable mentions, like the Elite Knight Set (which is free), the Paladin Set or the Cleric Set.

Dark Souls’ Best Light Armor Sets

Depending on the player’s Endurance stat, even the medium armors might be too heavy to maneuver properly. In that case then the best lightweight set is the Chain Set. Players can find this very early in Dark Souls’ story. It is sold by the Undead Merchant in the Undead Burg just after the player sees the Hellkite Drake for the first time. This set is a mere 2,300 Souls, so it’s definitely worth it if the player is somewhat low on defense. Honorable mentions for this category include the Xanthous Set, the Lord Blade’s Set and the Crimson Set.

Keep in mind that there’s much more to Dark Souls defense than just avoiding pure, physical damage. There’s also more to surviving than just tanking attacks. Dodging makes players invincible for a short amount of time, so it is an incredibly effective option. It’s perfectly viable to play through the game naked, since having a very low equipment load will result in the best possible dodge. Dark Souls players should study their armor carefully, consider the situation and their playstyle, and then choose their armor accordingly. Or they could just pick what looks cool and ignore the rest.

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