Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 5 Times We Felt HARMFUL TO Raymond (& 5 Times We Hated Him)


Captain Raymond Holt is among the best reasons for having the hit comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He could be, in lots of ways, a groundbreaking character, since he could be both African and gay American, and he could be pleased with both of these areas of his identity. He’s been an integral portion of the precinct since his first appearance, and he’s got shown a substantial quantity of character development since those start.

While he’s lovable in their own way, even though he’s endured quite a bit on the show, there are also several times when he’s been a significantly less than likable character.

10 Felt Bad: When Cheddar Was Kidnapped

In a recently available episode, Raymond’s beloved dog Cheddar was kidnapped. Whoever has watched the show for just about any amount of time knows the deep and profound bond that exists between Holt which lovable little corgi.

Seeing him obviously suffering at the idea that someone may be harming Cheddar was one of these moments where only someone with a heart of stone wouldn’t have a pity party for him. There’s, in the end, few bonds like this between a guy and his dog.

9 Hated Him: JUST HOW He Acted When He And Jake Were In Florida

At one point, both Jake and Captain Holt were forced to call home in Florida for a while to be able to protect them from the violent criminal that wanted both of these dead. Obviously, neither of these taken care of immediately this move with grace, but Captain Holt acted in very belligerent and belittling methods to Jake often.

While his frustration was understandable, it had been also among those moments where it had been just a little difficult to like him.

8 Felt Bad: JUST HOW Kevin’s Colleagues Treat Him

Though the majority of those in the precinct are intimidated by Holt – both due to his demeanor and due to his formidable intellect – periodically he’s greater than a little vulnerable. This is also true with regards to Kevin’s colleagues at the university, the majority of whom treat Holt with thinly-disguised contempt.

It’s super easy to sympathize with Holt currently, as he finds his normal reserve pushed to its limits by the disdain of these whose approval he desperately craves.

7 Hated Him: When He First FOUND The Precinct & He Was Mean To Everyone

Brooklyn 99 Holt Terry

When Holt first finds the precinct, he doesn’t really walk out his solution to make anyone like him. Actually, he does the opposite, and he could be quite mean to everyone with whom he makes contact almost.

Though needless to say, the audience came to eventually note that there’s a heart of gold under that stern demeanor, at first it had been very difficult to get much to like concerning this cold and seemingly contemptuous police captain.

6 Felt Bad: When Wuntch Had Him Demoted


The long-standing feud between Holt and his nemesis Wuntch is among the most enjoyable areas of the complete show. Actually, sometimes it’s fun to see what new and clever insult Holt will conjure up just. However, there comes a specific time when Wuntch manages to obtain one over on him finally, demoting him from his position.

It’s an especially bitter pill, for both Holt and the audience, considering how hard he previously to fight to realize his position to begin with.

5 Hated Him: THE COMPLETE Incident With The Pie

It’s clear that Kevin and Holt truly love each other, however they don’t tell each other the reality always. In a single particular incident, Kevin throws away a pie that Holt thought meant too much to both of these. Holt, believing that someone in the precinct has stolen it, decides to remove it on everyone else, accusing them without proof having purloined it.

It’s among those rare moments where Holt is actually out of line in his behavior.

4 Felt Bad: His Difficult History With The NYPD

It really is unsurprising that Holt, an gay African American man openly, could have had an especially difficult time rising through the ranks of the brand new York Police Department. The show gives us several flashbacks whenever we start to see the way that those in power in the authorities hierarchy treat him with thinly-veiled contempt.

These incidents not merely ask the audience to have a pity party for him, but additionally to admire his tenacity and fortitude in pursuing his goal to be a police captain, regardless of the obstacles in his way.

3 Hated Him: He Always REALLY WANTS TO One-up People


There’s too much to admire about Captain Holt, especially the truth that he does indeed seem to value his precinct and its own well-being. However, he has a annoying habit of attempting to one-up people particularly.

While this is charming sometimes, also it definitely keeps the precinct on the toes, it can turn into a bit excessive also. Sometimes, it appears as though he likes the sensation that he’s more advanced than other people slightly an excessive amount of.

2 Felt Bad: When He & Kevin Were HAVING TROUBLES

At one point in the series, revealed that Kevin and Holt are experiencing marital difficulties it’s. The truth that it’s so rare that Holt reveals information on his private life makes this an especially moving confession.

Moreover, the audience is allowed because of it to note that, beneath his exterior, he could be a sensitive man really, person who shares a deep and loving bond along with his husband. In addition, it adds a layer of complexity and emotional richness to the on-screen gay relationship.

1 Hated Him: When He Was Demoted To Patrol Cop

After Wuntch manages to obtain him demoted to being truly a mere patrol cop, Holt (unsurprisingly), begins showing signs that he’s unable of dealing effectively along with his decrease in status quite. Unfortunately, this gets really beyond control when he won’t pay attention to what Jake tells him to accomplish despite the fact that, obviously, Jake outranks him now.

While it’s understandable that Holt wouldn’t take kindly to his new position, one would believe his adherence to the authorities practices could have helped him move forward from his ego best.

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