How to Unlock The Authority Vault in Fortnite Season 3


The Authority in Fortnite Season 3 contains a vault with some fantastic loot for players to grab. Here’s how to get in and start collecting.

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Since the Doomsday event to end Season 2 and the subsequent flooding of the map, Fortnite has added some new POIs for players to explore in Season 3. One of these locations is The Authority, which takes the place of The Agency that was introduced in Season 2 of the popular Battle Royale game. The Authority now serves as the main HQ for SHADOW, a seedy organization introduced in Season 2. As such, it’s crawling with henchmen to fight. However, it also houses a vault full of valuable loot, provided players can defeat its boss, Jules.

Like with all the vaults in Fortnite, players will need to find a Keycard. In The Authority, players can pick up this Legendary Keycard once Jules has been defeated, as she carries it. Only one of these Keycards will spawn in a given game, making it somewhat difficult to find, especially on public servers. However, some players have also discovered a glitch that, at the moment, will allow players to enter the vault without the Keycard. For the adventurous players looking for some new weapons and loot, here’s how to enter The Authority vault, with and without the Legendary Keycard.

Find the Legendary Authority Keycard in Fortnite Season 3

A player faces Jules in The Authority to obtain the vault Keycard in Fortnite Season 3

Players looking to unlock the vault at The Authority will want to drop as close to the island fortress as possible. There are ziplines players can attach to and use to slide over the protective Seawall that surrounds the structure.

The clearest path for players to take is from the southeast corner of The Authority, through the vents. Players will encounter a few Henchmen here. They will want to run up the flight of stairs between the two rooms with windows instead of walls. They should then turn left and move toward the large, open room to fight off more of the Henchmen and to encounter Jules.

When players first enter The Authority, there is a good chance they will face attacks from the many Henchmen guarding the location. They will want to eliminate these enemies as quickly as possible to focus on Jules.  It helps if players have already stocked up on ammo, though there is plenty to be found in chests and crates throughout the fortress.

Players should note there are more Henchmen here than there were in the previous version of the location, The Agency. Because it is one of the more popular POIs, players may also have to fend off other players in addition to the Henchmen. Jules will appear at some point during the fight. Players will need to eliminate her to get the Keycard. She also drops a Drumgun and Jules Grappler, which are both extremely powerful weapons.

Once players obtain the Keycard, they will need to make their way to the lower level of The Authority. There will be a scanner that looks like an ATM outside the door of the vault. Players should scan the Keycard to enter the vault and loot the weapons and items there.

There are other, smaller vaults and rooms with loot in The Authority, so as long as players are not attacked by other rivals, there is much to explore in this location.

The Authority Vault Entry Glitch in Fortnite Season 3

A player loots the vault in The Authority in Fortnite Season 3 for some special weapons and objects

Some players have discovered a glitch similar to that discovered by YouTuber Alistair ‘Ali-A’ Aiken for Season 2. To do this, players will want to approach The Authority with a helicopter. Players will need to land the helicopter near or above the vault and build walls and stairs around it. They will then need to edit the stairs, which should glitch the player into the vault. They can then loot the weapons and items from the inside.

Players are not encouraged to use this method for two reasons. First, there is no way for players to get out of the vault until another player opens the door, making it a risky move. Second, it is likely this glitch will be patched soon as developers update the game, just like similar glitches in Season 2, so relying on it is not a great strategy.

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