July 1 minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens DLC Drops, Adding Pandas


The brand new Jungle Awakens downloadable content for Minecraft Dungeons will put in a new environment and adorable pandas to the favorite Mojang spin-off.

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Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens Pandas

New DLC for Minecraft Dungeons is just around the corner with Jungle Awakens, which adds a fresh jungle environment, pandas, along with other new mobs to fight. It’s understandable almost, but Minecraft is among the most popular video gaming ever made. The title has evolved since its initial “1 considerably.” release back 2011, with countless revisions and updates. In 2020, Minecraft isn’t a casino game, but a platform for the creativity of its users, who’ve created incredible artwork, from architectural recreations and wonders of real-life cities, within the ever-expanding game.

As well as the base game, the Minecraft franchise has expanded to add multiple spin-offs, including Minecraft: Story Mode, produced by Telltale Games, and an attribute film adaptation in development currently. The newest spin-off, Minecraft Dungeons, released in-may 2020. It lacks the creation components of the primary Minecraft experience, deciding on a Diablo-inspired dungeon-crawling adventure instead. Minecraft Dungeons was met with a confident critical reception upon its release, and a big free update added the brand new Lost Temple dungeon recently, and also the typical game balance adjustments players expect. Now, a fresh paid DLC aims to help expand enliven the Minecraft Dungeons experience.

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The brand new Jungle Awakens DLC for Minecraft Dungeons adds a fresh environment to the overall game, along with new mobs to fight, new missions to perform, a huge amount of new gear to get and equip, and, needless to say, pandas. As explained by the Minecraft Blog, july 1 the DLC is scheduled for release on, and is roofed in the game’s version of the growing season pass, the Hero Pass. The official blog doesn’t talk many specifics, but Jungle Awakens will apparently bring “new weapons, armors, artifacts, and mobs,” along with “three new story missions” and “a free update, which include the low Temple dungeon, some new items, and some game balancing changes.”

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Upon its release in-may, among the chief criticisms of Minecraft Dungeons was the relative insufficient variety in its environments. Since missions are generated randomly, these environments go quite a distance towards keeping the overall game engaging, particularly when players are pursuing the original RPG grind, which Minecraft Dungeons certainly partakes. The addition of a fresh jungle theme shall go quite a distance towards keeping things fresh, as will future DLC add-ons contained in the season pass.

The Minecraft brand ‘s been around for roughly a complete decade, but it’s only recently begun to stretch its legs with Minecraft: Story Mode and today Minecraft Dungeons. The charming voxel art design of the franchise lends itself well to a number of gameplay outside the original, and Minecraft Dungeons is proof the series’ capability to expand beyond the core creation tools of the baseline Minecraft experience. Hopefully, continued DLC support shall allow this spin-off to cultivate and create a strong following of its, one which has potential to stretch beyond the core Minecraft fanbase.

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