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The Seraphites are a new religious cult introduced in The Last Of Us: Part 2 that give even the infected zombies a run for their money.

[WARNING: Spoilers for The Last of Us: Part 2 below]

The Seraphites are a new cult introduced in The Last of Us: Part 2, which serve as the main antagonist against the Washington Liberation Front (WLF). Players learn the most about them during the second half of The Last of Us: Part 2 when they play as Abby.

Granted, The Last of Us franchise has introduced players to all sorts of dangerous factions, including cannibals, slavers, and child predators. However, perhaps none of these previous villains are as intriguing as the Seraphites, also called the Scars, a group that fans of the franchise have been itching to learn more about since one of the game’s official trailers showed Yara’s “wings” being clipped.

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The Seraphites have a rich history in The Last of Us’ universe, and even though they’re only introduced into the franchise recently, they’ve captured the attention of players. But be warned – there’s a lot to know about this primitive cult.

How TLOU2’s Scars Founded A Religion

seraphite sign in last of us 2

The Seraphites were originally founded in Seattle only a few years after the initial outbreak. They formed a religion based on the teachings of an eccentric woman, who claimed to be a prophet. The woman, whose name is never mentioned, claims the infection is a punishment for mankind’s over-reliance on technology and machines. As a result, the Seraphites refuse to use anything ‘Old World’ – that was manufactured before the outbreak – rather preferring to live off the land (with the exception of guns). The majority of the inhabitants live in the Haven, a city that they have created by erecting wooden buildings and structures. As her teachings were written down and the Scars became more fanatic, their new religion was born.

The Seraphites began warring with WLF after the death of their prophet, which escalated over the years as both factions vied for control of Seattle. The conflict climaxes when the WLF attack and burn down the Seraphites’ village during The Last of Us: Part 2, but the Scars were able to defend themselves despite losing much of their territory. At the end of the game, it remains unclear how many are left, but they were thousands-strong before the WLF invasion.

Beliefs & Rituals Of TLOU2’s Seraphites

seraphite group in last of us 2

Players were introduced to many of the strange practices of the Seraphites in the story of The Last of Us: Part 2. The group earned the name “Scars” because of the distinguishable scars they carve into their members’ faces when they come of age. The Seraphites also practice arranged marriages. This is revealed when Yara admits the Seraphites had picked out a partner for Lev, leading the pre-teen to shave his head in retaliation. The Scars are also noticeable for their required hairstyles – men must shave their heads, while women wear their hair in a braided up-do.

Even more controlling, the Scars have a rank system when it comes to distributing food. A note that Abby can find at the Seraphites camp reveals they reserved the best cuts of meat for the Elders and for members they want to reward, such as those who had a successful foraging expedition or took down a handful of WLFs. The poor-quality meat is then left for everyone else. The cult observes various religious practices, hence why players can observe so much Seraphite graffiti and come across so many shrines in Seattle. The Scars also react harshly when members refuse to follow the rules word-for-word – as evidenced by their reaction to Lev when he shaved his head.

The Seraphites are one of The Last of Us: Part 2’s greatest villains and the details surrounding this intimidating faction do not disappoint.

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