Legends of Tomorrow Theory: Sara Was Abducted By Booster Gold


Legends of Tomorrow season 5 concludes with Sara Lance seemingly abducted by aliens – but, more interestingly, it could have been Booster Gold.

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Caity Lotz as Sara Lance Legends of Tomorrow Booster Gold

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow concluded with Sara Lance seemingly abducted by aliens – but the culprit could actually have been another DC Comics hero: Booster Gold. Developed as one of the ever-increasing Arrowverse spinoffs, Legends of Tomorrow brought together several supporting characters from Arrow and The Flash and allowed them to shine as heroes in their own right. Though initially formed by Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill), the leadership of the team eventually passed to Sara. Played by Caity Lotz, Sara has served as captain of the Waverider ever since, guiding the eclectic group as they protect the timeline from various threats.

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After saving humanity from Atropos and Lachesis’ enslavement, the Legends celebrated in 1970s London. Unfortunately, Sara was forcefully taken aboard a mysterious ship and, unbeknownst to the others, vanished to parts unknown. The understandable assumption was that she had been taken by aliens; after all, sentient extraterrestrials have already been established within the Arrowverse. Previously, the primary extent of Earth-1’s interaction with aliens was during the “Invasion!” crossover event – which saw the heroes unite against a race known as Dominators. However, following the merging of Earth-1 with Supergirl‘s Earth-38 during the Crisis on Infinite Earth crossover, the cosmic corner of the Arrowverse has expanded dramatically. As such, it makes a certain sense that the Legends (not dissimilar from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy) would be the ones to finally explore such new realms in Legends of Tomorrow season 6.

However, the culprit actually being Booster Gold not only makes a certain sense but would arguably be a more thrilling reveal. In the comics, Booster Gold shares several similarities with the Legends – being a fellow time-traveling hero and of a quirkier nature. Originally known as Michael Jon Carter, the character was born and raised in 25th century Gotham City. After losing his Gotham University scholarship and being expelled, Michael became a guard at the Metropolis Space Museum. Inspired by the displays and recorded exploits, he decided to become a superhero himself. In pursuit of that end, he stole various items from the museum and set out to establish not only his new persona but build a corporation around himself from which to profit. Though what he stole were specific things – including Rip Hunter’s Time Sphere – it could easily be retconned to be a ship similar to the Legends’ own Waverider.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Finale Sara Gets Abducted By Aliens

Furthermore, the heroes documented at the Arrowverse’s version of the museum would likely include the Legends. As such, the fact that the show has borrowed elements from various Booster Gold comic runs could be flipped so that he himself, in the world of the show, was inspired by them. After all, Legends of Tomorrow season 5 saw the kind of global fame that Booster originally set out to acquire. As such, he would have several reasons to take Sara. It could be his way of auditioning for the team or enticing her with a collaboration between the two “brands”.

Then again, given the Legends proclivity to “screw up time for the better,” it could be Booster’s attempt to prevent the Legends from doing something that alters the timeline in a way detrimental to him and his corporation. Whatever the case, the possibilities are endless – especially with the DCEU movies and CW’s TV shows finally crossing streams as a connected multiverse and opening doors for which characters the shows can use.

By adding Booster Gold, the show would have a character that could, for multiple reasons, serve as equal parts humorously irritating foil and helpful ally in the eyes of each team member. One that could follow the Legends’ own ethos of evolving characters from an outcast and misfit into a genuine hero. Plus, with the departure of resident shapeshifter Charlie, as well as those of Ray Palmer and Nora Darhk, there are now some vacancies on the team. The introduction of Booster Gold would certainly fill those voids and potentially allow Legends of Tomorrow to finally set up a spinoff of its own in the form of a long-desired solo Booster Gold series.

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