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We interview Eurovision Song Contest star Pierce Brosnan in what attracted him to the brand new movie, the diversity of his roles, and much more.

Given that Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga is on Netflix June 26, viewers can easily see Lars (Will Ferrell) compete to create Iceland a victor but additionally to win the love and respect of cold father Erick (Pierce Brosnan). Although latter’s role might not be big, the imprint he leaves overall story is massive.

Brosnan chatted with Screen Rant in what exactly inspired him to sign onto the film, in addition to updated fans on the prospects of his kingly bears for the eventually upcoming Cinderella.

Pierce, this is so much fun; this had me cracking up so much. At the biggest market of the comedy and madness, it is a whole story in regards to a father and son. Is that what attracted one to the role?

Pierce Brosnan: Well, thank you to begin with for the wonderful words there. I dearly appreciate them. What attracted me to the role was dealing with Will Ferrell. I’m an enormous fan of Will’s work. Day and my cinematic experience talladega Nights and whatever he does just brings great joy to my. I had done SNL with him years back.

But I also knew concerning the Eurovision of everything; the Eurovision Song Contest. Having been a man growing up being an actor in London, Eurovision was a large section of society there, not to mention Europe. I got eventually to travel with my partner with this film also. I play, really it is a cameo supporting role, therefore i got to get back to London and head to Scotland and head to Iceland – all with my partner. It had been a busman’s holiday, as the saying goes.

I had an enjoyable experience. Week we watched the film here another, my partner and my sons, Paris and dylan. We’re living out within Hawaii. We’ve just a little house, which is where we find ourselves in lockdown. But the film was watched by us, and it gloriously works. It is a good film for this period.

Absolutely, could it be. In the event that you were on Eurovision, what will be your song choice to sing?

Pierce Brosnan: Oh, Leonard Cohen’s “Famous Blue Raincoat.”

I really like it. Great choice. Will Ferrell is really a master of improv. Just how long did it try acclimate to his style and spontaneity? I understand you said you caused him during the past on SNL, but since he’s so quick, may i am distributed by you just a little insight on that? 

Pierce Brosnan: Well, we didn’t really improv with this, and we don’t possess that lots of scenes together. So, we sort of continued point. We here kept to the dialogue. The tiny scenes that people had, there is no real improv. Maybe he’d think of a line or two.

Pierce Brosnan in Eurovision Song Contest

You’ve been choosing very diverse roles lately. Can you speak to me about your approach in choosing certain projects?

Pierce Brosnan: I have no idea easily have any approach. I was trained being an actor and resulted in believe that I possibly could play everything.

And you may. 

Pierce Brosnan: That’s very sort of you. And you also learn that perhaps you have a limit then. You merely have a brief range. But, I have no idea, one tries to be an urgent surprise and make an effort to maneuver around the stage whenever you can. And, needless to say, you do get pigeonholed – you obtain pigeonholed as Mr. Suave, Mr. Elegant, Mr. Handsome is really as Handsome Does. I acquired no issues with that.

It may be worse, Pierce. It may be worse. 

Pierce Brosnan: It may be worse. I’m an operating actor. I’ve always were able to stay employed and stay at the table. And I’m at the table here speaking with you today about concerning this film, and I was in the center of the film there in March with Camila Cabello, Cinderella. The king was being played by me. So, for the reason that film, the COVID of everything took us from the game. In August waiting to return here, so I’m growing my kingly beard back.

So, I work, so when I’m no longer working, I’m searching for work.

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Eurovision Song Contest is currently streaming on Netflix.


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