Sacha Baron Cohen Pranks Alt-Right Rally By Singing Racist Song In Disguise


Video shows British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in disguise at an alt-right rally in Washington, obtaining the crowd to sing along to a racist song.

Sacha Baron Cohen pranked an alt right rally

Video shows British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in disguise at an alt-right rally in Washington, obtaining the crowd to sing along to a racist song. The star and creator of the characters Borat and Ali G made his name by disguising himself as ridiculous characters and conducting interviews with unsuspecting personalities and celebrities on the satire show Da Ali G Show. That show established Baron Cohen’s abrasive interviewing style, where he often says shocking things during character to elicit a controversial response from the interviewee.

The show featured all three of Baron Cohen’s most well-known characters – the British chav Ali G, Kazakh reporter Borat, and Austrian fashionista Bruno. The show was an enormous success and finished up being broadcast in america on HBO in the first 2000s. It spawned three films, one for each character that Baron Cohen designed for the show, and made him children name and face. As a complete consequence of his fame, and the increasing odds of being recognized, Baron Cohen has retired those three characters mostly, and spent a lot of the past a decade acting in movies, including Martin Scorcese’s Hugo. He returned to TV in 2018 with a fresh satire called Who’s America?, which follows an identical format to Da Ali G Show, but includes several new characters developed by Baron Cohen.

Now, Baron Cohen again has emerged in disguise. According to Collider, Baron Cohen resulted in because the lead singer of a band performing at an alt-right rally in Olympia, Washington, organized by the Washington Three Percenters, a far-right militia group. Baron Cohen got through to stage and performed an offensive song and encouraged the crowd to sing along. The lyrics mentioned injecting former President Barack Obama and Secretary of State with the “Wuhan Flu,” a derogatory term for the coronavirus. In addition, it mentions “chopping up” Dr. Anthony Fauci and several other high-profile figures “just like the Saudis do.” You can view a video of the performance below.

Organizers declare that Baron Cohen used a front company, representing itself as a PAC, to sponsor the stage and the bands, and inserted his band because the final act of your day. They also declare that they tried to pull him off stage and that security stopped them, however the video doesn’t may actually show that. Reports say that Baron Cohen fled the scene then, and then return later disguised as a journalist to film a post-rally interview discussing his prank.

The comedian have not claimed responsibility for the prank, nonetheless it certainly appears like him in the video. He could be also recognizable under his disguise. There is absolutely no word on if the prank was done for the next movie, or for another season of WHO’S America?, which Showtime has said won’t happen, but in any event, it seems to possess been successful.

The news headlines has spread all over, and Sacha Baron Cohen has been lauded for exposing the rally because of its willingness to go with racist and offensive sentiments. Regardless of the controversy that surrounds the comedian, it’s clear that his make of comedy is great at exposing people’s underlying biases, by permitting them to express their offensive opinions in the current presence of someone they believe shares them. Whether one will abide by his methods or not, it really is clear they get results.

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Source: Collider/YouTube


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