Star Wars: 5 Times The Good Guys Messed Up (& 5 Times The Bad Guys Did Good)


The prequel films introduced the audience to a sweet-faced and smart little boy that grew up and fell to the Dark Side. Darth Vader began the original trilogy as a sinister and murderous villain, but in the end, he turned and fought for good. Star Wars movies begin with a stark contrast between the heroes and the villains, but as the story goes on, the lines blur.

That’s part of what makes them so good! Nobody is perfect, and even the heroes in Star Wars have some serious missteps in their journeys. Here is a list of 5 times that the “good guys” messed up, and 5 times that the “bad guys” did something uncharacteristically good.

10 Good Guy Messed Up: Luke Almost Killed His Own Nephew

The characterization of Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi received a lot of criticism. The energetic, idealistic young Jedi from the original movies does a complete 180-degree turn and seemingly gives up. Luke is jaded, grumpy, and living as a hermit. One of Luke’s darkest moments is in a brief flashback. He senses a horrible darkness in his nephew, Ben Solo, and actually considers murdering him as he stands over the sleeping teenager with his lightsaber drawn.

9 Bad Guy Did Good: Darth Vader Saved Luke

One of the most memorable moments of redemption in the Star Wars franchise is in Return Of The Jedi. Furious that Luke refuses his offer to join him, the evil Emperor tortures him with his force lightning.

Unable to continue to witness the abuse, Darth Vader suddenly picks up his master and holds him over his head, causing the lightning to flow into his own body. His final bit of energy is used to throw Palpatine down the reactor shaft to his supposed death. Unfortunately, his redemption is short-lived, and this final act results in Vader’s death.

8 Good Guy Messed Up: Poe Dameron Got Most Of The Resistance Killed

Poe Dameron was introduced to fans as a big-hearted, noble hero of the Resistance, but The Last Jedi shows that his arrogance goes too far sometimes. Poe successfully completes a mission with the Resistance fleet, and a relieved Leia instructs him to head back. Poe outright defies her direct orders, turns off his comm, and goes after a First Order Dreadnought. This results in nearly all of the rebel fighting force being destroyed and cripples their cause. He had good intentions, but his actions had absolutely tragic consequences.

7 Bad Guy Did Good: Finn Defected And Rescued Poe

Finn was definitely not an actual antagonist, but he was a stormtrooper aligned with the “bad guy side” up until this moment. Mid-battle, shocked by the horrors of the First Order and guilt-ridden that he is made to be a part of it, trooper FN-2186 realizes that he can’t live this life. He outright defects when he rescues rebel prisoner Poe Dameron (who helps him come up with the name “Finn”), and they escape. This begins his path to joining the Resistance, and eventually, helping lead them to victory.

6 Good Guy Messed Up: Han Left Leia To Be A Smuggler

A detail that is glossed over in The Force Awakens is Han and Leia’s “divorce.” They reunite after the destruction of the New Republic, but the implication is that they have been separated as a couple for some time, during which Han abandoned his old life to be a criminal again.

The separation presumably had to do with Ben Solo and his fall to the Dark Side. Aftermath: Empire’s End, implies that their problems began earlier because Han was bored with “nothing to smuggle, nowhere to gamble, no foolish Rebellion to fight for.

5 Bad Guy Did Good: Kylo Ren Killed Snoke

Kylo Ren’s visibly painful struggle with his villainous actions makes his character more relatable than the average antagonist. Throughout the first two films, he is taunted, pressured, and physically abused by Supreme Leader Snoke. Kylo’s deep connection with Rey opens his eyes, and the bidding of his evil master becomes too much. Ordered to kill her, Kylo Ren leads the Supreme Leader to believe that he will obey, and instead, uses the Force to propel his lightsaber through Snoke’s body, cutting him in half.

4 Good Guy Messed Up: Cassian Shot An Informant

One of the lead heroes in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Cassian Andor has a less than heroic introduction. Trapped and forced to climb to safety while on the run from Imperial stormtroopers, Cassian murders a Rebel informant seemingly in cold blood. Truthfully, Tivik had an injury that made it impossible for him to escape on his own. Being an informant, he also had information that could harm the Rebellion. Cassian’s actions make sense in a time of war, but felt cold, especially since Cassian didn’t even give him the choice to sacrifice himself.

3 Bad Guy Did Good: General Hux Spied For The Resistance

Introduced as a harsh and authoritative leader of the First Order, General Hux’s role was primarily limited to butting heads with Kylo Ren, and serving as occasional comedic relief. The Rise Of Skywalker shocked fans with its sudden reveal that the spy leaking First Order information to the Resistance was none other than Hux himself.

The bitter General confesses that his involvement isn’t about politics, it’s about ensuring that Kylo Ren loses, but regardless of intentions, he did help the rebel cause.

2 Good Guy Messed Up: Qui-Gon Defied The Jedi Council

The Jedi Council made themselves clear. Off the charts midichlorian count or not, Anakin Skywalker was not to be trained. Qui-gon Jinn brazenly argues their decision and insists that he can train Anakin himself. The Jedi Council refuses this as well. Qui-gon leaves the meeting with every intention to defy the Council and continue Anakin’s training. Though he doesn’t get the chance himself, before he dies, he makes Obi-Wan promise to train the boy, which basically sets a terrible chain of events into place that leads to Anakin’s fall, and years of death and war.

1 Bad Guy Did Good: Kylo Ren Gave His Life For Rey

The budding “Reylo” romance may be a dicey subject with fans, but it’s a key part of The Rise Of Skywalker and Kylo Ren’s redemption arc. His connection with Rey is revealed to be deeper than a couple of “Force Skype” sessions, rather, they are a  “dyad in the Force,” a highly powerful shared connection that supposedly spans both space and time. Kylo fights Palpatine valiantly at Rey’s side, but when she is struck down by deflected Force lightning that kills both Palpatine and herself, Kylo uses the Force to revive her, and selflessly trades his life for hers.

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