The Top 10 Teen Dramas Of The 00s (& Where To Watch Them Now)


Teen shows that started airing between 2000 and 2010 were the absolute best! It seems like these shows were filled with the craziest drama, the most incredible actors, and the most memorable storylines of all time. We totally miss this era of teen television and wish that television was still this amazing today.

One of the best TV shows on this list stars the likes of Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick, and Penn Badgley! We are pretty sure just about everyone knows which addictive cyber-stalker show we are referring to. Another great TV show on this list is all about the incredible bond between a mother and daughter who share almost everything with each other—and we expect you’ll know what we’re talking about there, too. Find out where to watch all of these awesome teen drama shows right now.

10 The O.C. (Available On Hulu)

The O.C. is available for streaming on Hulu right now. Those who do not have Hulu subscriptions might want to change their mind about that, because this show is truly one of the best ones to come to us from the early 2000s. It ran for four seasons between August 5, 2003, and February 22, 2007. The O.C. is a show about teens growing up in Orange County, California. The O.C. stars Mischa Barton, Ben McKenzie, Adam Brody, and Rachel Bilson in the leading roles of the drama.

9 Gossip Girl (Available On Netflix)

Gossip Girl is an obvious choice to land on our list for teen dramas of the 2000s. Gossip Girl is all about a guy who wants to fit in with the popular crowd and date the most beautiful girl in school. In order to create this reality, he writes himself into their world. He creates an online blog and utilizes a catfish persona to post rumors, personal secrets, and much more online for the world to see. While doing this, he writes himself into the lives of the popular crowd and ultimately gets with the girl of his dreams.

8 90210 (Available On iTunes)

90210 is a rebooted show based on the original 90210, Beverly Hills series that ran back in the 90s. The rebooted version of 90210 ran from 2008 to 2013. It focuses on teens who live their young lives in Beverly Hills right along the ocean’s edge. Similar to the teens in The O.C. and Gossip Girl, the teens of 90210 are also very financially wealthy and privileged, but the drama that they go through is highly entertaining to watch!

7 One Tree Hill (Available On Hulu)

When One Tree Hill first premiered in 2003, it was a total hit! It ended up going on until 2012 which is definitely a big deal. Plenty of shows get canceled after two or three seasons, but this show ended up lasting nine seasons in total. That is definitely impressive if you ask us. One Tree Hill starred Chad Michael Murray, Sophia Bush, Hillarie Burton, James Lafferty, and Bethany Joy Lenz. The start of the show is all about teenagers, basketball, romance, and drama, but he storylines begin to push the boundaries from there.

6 The Secret Life Of The American Teenager (Available On Hulu)

The Secret Life of the American Teenager premiered in 2008. This show opened up a lot of people’s eyes to how difficult it is to be a teenager in a world filled with temptation, relationship drama, and so much more. Shailene Woodley is the leading actress in this show, and it is awesome that she was able to land this part because it led her to an amazing career in Hollywood.

After filming this show, Woodley went on to be the lead in the Divergent film series. Starring in The Secret Life of the American Teenager was a smart choice for Woodley.

5 Gilmore Girls (Available On Netflix)

Gilmore Girls is available for streaming on Netflix right now! Gilmore Girls is about a mother and daughter relationship that many people realistically may envy. Sometimes it is difficult for a mother and daughter to be close with each other, as discipline and secrecy can come into play. On Gilmore Girls, the mother and daughter characters are able to share almost everything with each other, and, in doing so, they create a healthy bond and friendship with one another.

4 Veronica Mars (Available On Hulu)

Veronica Mars is available on Netflix to watch right now! It stars Kristen Bell in the leading role, which is incredible, because she is one of the best TV actresses ever. Bell has such an amazing confidence about her, and it is easy to watch her, episode after episode, taking down criminals. On the show, she plays the role of a girl who was once very popular. Her popularity dwindles after she deals with some personal and familial traumas. Her character ends up becoming a private investigator in a suburban town in California.

3 Glee (Available On Netflix)

Glee is available for streaming on Netflix right now. Despite the fact that the leading actress, Lea Michele, is going through quite a bit of public scrutiny for racial slurs and miss treatment of costars on the set of Glee, the show itself is still worth watching. Other cast members from glee including Melissa Benoist, Chris Colfer, Matthew Morrison, and Amber Riley were never involved with or embroiled in any scandals.

These actors and actresses contribute to some of the most amazing moments on the show and remind us why the show might still be worth watching!

2 Degrassi: The Next Generation (Available On Amazon Prime)

A lot of people know and recognize Degrassi as being a show where the famous rapper Drake got his start. Degrassi: The Next Generation started airing in 2001 and went on for thirteen seasons in total. The final episode aired in 2015, but fans of the show are hoping that they reboot the series with a new set of high school students at some point.

Even if it takes a few years for a reboot, fans are okay with that. This show is available for streaming on Amazon Prime right now, and who would not want to stream it? It is definitely one of the best teen dramas!

1 Laguna Beach (Available On Amazon Prime)

Laguna Beach is the only reality TV show on our list but it definitely belongs here because it is classified as a teen drama and it aired between 2004 and 2006. It got its own spin-off show called The Hills! Laguna Beach starred Kristen Cavallari, Lauren Conrad, Lo Bosworth, and plenty of other well-known and recognizable names and faces that people still care about to this day. This reality TV show is definitely worth watching, and the fact that it is available for streaming right now on Amazon Prime is so exciting!

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