“We Won Wars Till ’99, Your Turn”: Amarinder Singh Slams BJP On China


'We Won Wars Till '99, Your Turn': Amarinder Singh Slams BJP On China

The principle minister said that the PM-CARES Fund received donations from some Chinese firms. (File)


Known for often speaking from military issues, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Monday hit out at the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance government at the centre on the face-off with China in Ladakh.

Addressing a news briefing, the principle minister said, “We’ve won the prior wars of 1948, ’65, ’71 and ’99. And today it’s their turn to react to Chinese incursion,” the principle Minister said.

“We’ve had constant irritation with China since 60s. Galwan isn’t the very first time. I am certain the national government of India is taking military precautions. I think we have to be very wary of their intentions of closing the gap between Aksai Chin and Siachen, cutting of India’s access for the reason that region.”

Captain Singh also asked the union government to come back Chinese firms’ donations to the PM-CARES Fund, create by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to react to national emergencies just like the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

The principle minister said that the PM-CARES Fund, create to strengthen India’s fight coronavirus, received donations from some Chinese firms.

“I believe we must have a tough stand on China,” said the senior Congress leader.

“When this confrontation is being conducted at the moment, if hardly any money has been received that needs to be returned,” he said.

“I don’t believe we are able to afford to take Chinese money when our boys are increasingly being killed and Indian territory has been intruded,” he said.

Twenty Indian soldiers died in a violent clash with the Chinese army in Galwan Valley of Ladakh on June 15 night.

Captain Singh also named some Chinese firms and firms with Chinese stake inside them, that have allegedly given donations to the PM-CARES (Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations) Fund.

“This is simply not a question of how much cash has come,” said Captain Singh, adding “at the same time when number 1; they (China) have the effect of COVID, and number 2; when they have the effect of aggression in my own country”, “even though one rupee” has result from Chinese firms, it must be returned.

“I believe it’s the time whatever money has been received from Chinese companies ought to be returned in their mind. We are able to easily manage without (that). India doesn’t need Chinese money to provide for itself and we’ll take action on our very own,” he said.

(With inputs from PTI)

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