Where to Find The Legacy Chests in Outward (& How to Use Them)


A complete how-to on Legacy Chests – Outward’s extremely useful mechanic for new and returning players to get the most out of their alt characters.

Outward, the 2019 open-world RPG with unique survival and story elements from developer Nine Dots, just received its first DLC over a year after its initial release. The new DLC, titled The Soroboreans, brings players tons of new content, including a new city, new dungeons, enemies, and all sorts of in-game changes that are sure to revitalize the small but appreciated title in the open-world computer RPG genre. With such a massive influx of content, players are sure to be returning to Outward to see what’s new.

One feature that Nine Dots implemented into Outward that massively assists in the game’s replayability is what they call Legacy Chests. Legacy Chests are an in-game feature essentially allowing players to dupe items for use on their alt characters ethically. Rather than forcing a player to complete some of the game’s most difficult challenges on each character, Legacy Chests offer an opportunity to pass down hard-earned loot to alt characters to give them a leg up without having to repeat all the effort.

How Legacy Chests in Outward Work

Outward Legacy Chest

Legacy Chests in Outward work in two parts: The first step is to find each of the four chests in the game world (who’s locations can be found in the next section) on their primary/ancestor character. When a player finds a Legacy Chest, they can interact with it to find a single slot in which they can place their chicken hat or shiny new gun to pass down to their alts. Players repeat this process three more times in three different areas of the game for a total of four legacy items their alt characters will be able to inherit.

Once players place the desired legacy items in the chests, they can then utilize the Legacy Chest mechanic when they start a new character. Upon creating a new character, players will need to select their ancestor character via the Legacy option on the character creation screen. There you will see the name of the character who loaded up each of the chests and the items which your new character will be inheriting. Once the appropriate ancestor is selected, and players have created their new character, the journey now begins to retrieve their inheritance from each chest. Players can take things as they come and progress through the game at a reasonable pace, picking up their inherited items along the way, or they can devise their plan to sprint through the game world and collect all their loot as fast as possible.

A final bonus feature of Legacy Chests is the ability to upgrade certain items when they get passed down to the new character. A massive list of equipment in the game will upgrade into improved versions of their vanilla selves when transferred through the chest. Players can experiment with their favorite weapons or armor sets to discover how they evolve when inherited by an alt.

Where to Find Legacy Chests in Outward

Outward Weapons Table

As mentioned earlier, there are four Legacy Chests scattered around Outward’s vast landscape. Players can find these chests in each of the game’s four original regions: Chersonese, Enmerkar Forest, Abrassar, and the Hallowed Marsh.

The Chersonese chest is in the city of Cierzo, in the Cierzo Storage. Accessible via the docks underneath the lighthouse, the Cierzo Storage has a large door in the main room, which requires the Cierzo Town Key to open – this is where players will find their first Legacy Chest. To acquire the Cierzo Town Key, players must speak to Rissa and pledge themselves to the Blue Chamber faction. Upon doing so, Rissa will give you the Cierzo Town Key. Alternatively, players can complete the questline “Vendavel Quest” from the NPC Burac to receive the key as well.

The Enmerkar Forest Legacy Chest is underneath the Vigil Pylon marked on the region map. To access the second Legacy Chest, players will need to complete the puzzle contained within the Pylon. The puzzle is relatively simple and involves players running through teleportation orbs to reach the area’s final platform where they will fight two enemies. Once they’ve dealt with their detractors, players will be able to access the second Legacy Chest.

Legacy Chest number three is in the desert region of Abrassar, in the unmarked dungeon known as the Slide. Players can access the Slide via the entrance northwest of the Parched Shipwrecks underneath the Abandoned Docks. Upon entering the Slide, proceed left to the room with the Rock Mantis to acquire the Old Levant Key. Then, head west until confronted by a room with a few bandits that need dispatching. Players can then pull the lever in the room to unlock the nearby gate. Proceed through the door beyond the gate and fight a Shell Horror, then activate the two levers in the room to unlock the Legacy Chest. Circle back to the room with the two bandits and players will find their reward contained within.

Finally, the fourth Legacy Chest is in the Spire of Light in the Hallowed Swamp. To access the chest, players must complete the lever “puzzle” within the spire. It’s a relatively simple puzzle requiring players to find and pull all eight levers within the dungeon to proceed through to a previously unreachable area containing the game’s final Legacy Chest.

With all four Legacy Chests located and loaded with loot, aspiring alts can get their adventure underway with a leg up in the ungracious world of Aurai. The open-world nature of Outward allows players to strap up their running shoes and make the journey across the game world as soon as they begin the game, giving them a considerable power boost before they ever even start the game’s story. With the release of The Soroboreans, Nine Dots shows players that they will continue creating content for their open-world RPG baby. New content arriving in Outward means there’s no better time for players to fill up their Legacy Chests and dive back into the game.

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Outward is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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