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Season 4 of Rick and Morty ended on a fairly sad and depressive note with a lot of unresolved issues similar to the show’s two main protagonists. While it’s tempting to accomplish a re-watch marathon, focusing on how it shall end come the most recent season will be comparable to salting the wound.

Hence, to take your brain off of precisely how dark and dysfunctional Rick and Morty is, other similar cartoons must supply the much-needed respite. A few of these are positive and light-hearted while some are absurdist black or toilet comedies. Them all must keep fans occupied before next season of Rick and Morty gets released maybe after in regards to a decade of waiting… or what feels as though it.


Black Dynamite animated series

This hidden (and unfortunately, canceled) gem from Adult Swim may be the cartoon version of the live-action film of exactly the same name. It is a satirical jab at blaxploitation films of the 1970s and therefore takes regular potshots at popular culture including from Richard Nixon to Michael Jackson.

The primary character himself, Black Dynamite, is voiced by Michael Jai White. He and his rag-tag pimp and prostitute friends run a Whorephanage which really is a questionable amalgam of two sad institutions of society. That must keep things interesting alone.


Because so many Rick and Morty already are acquainted with Adult Swim, they’d prosper in checking out The Venture Bros. It is the network’s longest-running original series and is really a parody of several things from superheroes/supervillains to space-age as well as spy fiction.

It follows the exploits of the Venture family, namely brothers Dean and Hank as their incompetence leads them to numerous dangers relating to the family’s arch-nemesis, The Monarch. Thankfully, their trusty bodyguard Brock and their father keep them safe unconventionally.


Robot Chicken Season 10 Adult Swim

Robot Chicken can be among the longest mainstays of Adult Swim. It is a perfect recommendation for fans of Rick and Morty who can’t get enough of this show’s Interdimensional Cable skits. Each episode of Robot Chicken can be an irreverent anthology of pop culture parodies.

It could seem that there is nothing off-limits to this business from Twilight to even Spongebob Squarepants. Their jokes tend to be crass and have a tendency to ruin the fandom for anybody too emotionally committed to a specific show or film. It’s all in good fun, needless to say.


Initially, one might mistake Solar Opposites for an episode of Rick and Morty. That’s because Justin Roiland, Rick and Morty‘s co-creator, is among the social people in charge of this alien family comedy cartoon.

Some may say that it feels as though an expanded version of an Interdimensional Cable skit from Rick and Morty or one of the numerous dimensions of this show. Either real way, it’s worth watching in Hulu for Justin Roiland’s brand alone and a crossover with Rick and Morty seems inevitable.


Talking about a grown-up cartoon that feels as though it originated from the hellish depths of the minds of whoever wrote disgusting Interdimensional Cable skitsMr. Pickles from Adult Swim is relentlessly crude– in a funny way. It features over-the-top shock and gore with plenty of satanic iconographies.

The complete show revolves round the dog protagonist, Mr. Pickles who’s living a double life as a Satanist while protecting his disabled and clueless human boy owner. Probably the most shocking area of the show is that Mr. Pickles isn’t even the evilest character.


Now to lighter and Rated G or E cartoons, Steven Universe is a Rick and Morty adventure if Morty find the escapade and when the complete multiverse had not been smudged and nihilistic. It doesn’t ensure it is boring though unless you’re Rick Sanchez.

Steven Universe is approximately Steven and his three Crystal Gem friends that are guardians of worlds. Steven himself can be part-Crystal Gem and is entrusted to save lots of worlds in a variety of adventures. From the charming story and characters apart, the soundtrack can be after that keep viewers returning for more.


Rick and Morty don’t delve much into fantasy parodies however when they do, their episodes feel just like a mature-rated version of Adventure Time. It’s among Cartoon Network’s most successful shows in the last decade and holds its weight well, even timelessly perhaps.

Adventure Time may be the therapeutic and psychedelic romp of close friends Finn and Jake because they bypass the post-apocalyptic land of Ooo helping the Candy Kingdom and engaging in adventures which are the Rated G or E-equivalent of a psilocybin trip. The show’s music, for example, is top-notch with regards to taste.


Apparently, Alex Hirsch, the creator of Gravity Falls, is really a good friend of Justin Roiland of Rick and Morty. Therefore, fans must not be surprised to see some Rick and Morty Easter eggs occasionally in Gravity Falls and vice versa.

Gravity Falls can be a wacky group of adventures of Dipper Pines and his twin sister Mabel when they set foot in the tiny, weird, and paranormal town of Gravity Falls. You shouldn’t be fooled by the Disney channel tag, it’s filled with dark and adult humor and innuendos.


Like worthwhile comedy show featuring two partners with chemistry, THE STANDARD Show follows nearly exactly the same format as Rick and Morty. Each episode is really a short journey where in fact the two protagonists are constantly put into situations out of these control.

The difference is that Mordecai and Rigby, the show’s heroes, are humble working-class average Joes, except they’re anthropomorphic animals. Their friends may also be equally weird and inhuman that is area of the show’s allure.


Lastly a kids’ cartoon that has been way before its time (and its own rating) from Nickelodeon, Invader Zim. It is a morbid and darkly unapologetic sci-fi show that follows the story of Zim and alien from the earth Urk whose sole mission would be to singlehandedly invade Earth to earn approval from his superiors.

( **)The nagging problem, he’s incompetent and a human boy named Dib made him out. Here are some is really a human vs. alien rivalry done unlike any in cartoons with frequent dashes of absurdist humor and unhinged characters where Zim is apparently probably the most stable & most human, ironically. One might say that it is even crazier than Rick and Morty.

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