90 Day Fiancé: Rosemarie Reacts to Big Ed’s Mayonnaise Hair Treatment


90 Day Fiancé star, Big Ed’s ex-girlfriend Rosemarie watches the viral clip of him putting mayonnaise in his hair and her reaction is priceless.

Big Ed: 90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiancé fans have seen the couples on the show go to great lengths so they can look more attractive to their partners. Some have opted for cosmetic procedures while some have shed tons of weight. But the one TLC star who stands apart from the rest is 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days’ infamous Big Ed and his love for mayonnaise.

Big Ed Brown made his debut on season 4 of the show where he featured with his Filipino love, Rosemarie Vera. Ed, a 54-year-old professional photographer from San Diego, CA, met 23-year-old single mom, Rosemarie, online. He himself has a 29-year-old daughter Tiffany from his former marriage in which he was reportedly unfaithful. After being smitten by Rose, Ed made a 7000-mile journey to Rose’s homeland so he could finally meet her. But things soon started going off the rail when the couple met in person. He made several demeaning comments about Rose’s appearance and also faced major social media backlash for asking her to shave her legs. He had a habit of lying to her, especially when he kept Rose in the dark about his height and his vasectomy. Rosemarie, who desired to have another child didn’t take well to this revelation, and felt further offended by his lack of trust when he asked her to take an STD test. All these uncomfortable moments on TV naturally had the audience concerned about Ed and Rose’s relationship status, which the later confessed to having gone kaput. But the one thing that led to 90 Day Fiancé’s Big Ed becoming a major meme was him applying mayonnaise to his hair.

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During his introduction on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days’, Big Ed was seen slathering his hair with mayonnaise in order to look young for Rose. The teaser saw him take a spatula, dip it into a large mayo jar, and smear it all over his hair and scalp like conditioner. “I have been dying my hair, and it irritates my scalp. So I’ve found out that mayonnaise makes it smoother and less dry. I’m self-conscious of my physical appearance because Rose is 31 years younger than me,” was his explanation for the strange process. Fans cracked up at the scene as it went viral with one even noting, “TLC: Providing the content you didn’t know you need.” During his appearance on the new show, B90 Strikes Back! Big Ed addressed the mayo scene, before adding, “I’ve never gotten more sh*t for anything I’ve ever done in my life than the mayo scene.” Check out the B90 Strikes Back clip below:

He exclaimed, “My biggest fear after watching this scene is that my face will be on a jar of mayo. Oh god!” Speaking about the Blue kimono he was seen wearing on B90 Strikes Back! and in the clip, he shared, “I got this while exploring during furniture manufacturing in China in 2008 because it’s soft, it’s warm.” Rosemarie, who was also on the show, claimed to be watching the scene for the first time ever couldn’t hold back her laughter either. 90 Day Fiancé fan favorites David and Annie Toborowsky also watched Ed undergo his self-care treatment, where Annie exclaimed that he looked like he had draped a massive condom on his head. Big Ed said in his defense, “It’s not a condom on my head. It’s a shower cap so I don’t get the mayonnaise on my Italian leather sofa.” Meanwhile, Twitter user @lucyannf’s tweet was also broadcasted on the show where she asked Ed why he wouldn’t just use conditioner on his hair. He confessed that his skin was too sensitive for most conditioners because of them having chemicals and perfumes. He quipped, “I feel pretty good at the end of the night putting something in my hair that I put on my bacon, egg, lettuce, and tomato sandwich, OK?

Big Ed has been trying his best to redeem his character lately especially after coming across as insensitive on various occasions. He still continues to get negative attention in spite of being one of the most popular, or rather unpopular characters from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. Even this time, the show saw him brag about his “Italian leather couch” although there are reports of him having filed for bankruptcy – twice. His behavior surely has left a few fans wondering if he spoke about having his face on a bottle of mayonnaise on purpose. ‘Cause, after all, anything that Big Ed says, spells out, ‘pay attention to me.’

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90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8 pm EST on TLC.

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