Angel: His 5 Greatest Allies & The 5 Most Evil Bad Guys He Faced, Ranked


As proven by the fact that he got his own spin-off show, Angel is one of the most interesting characters featured in Buffy the Vampire Slayer – which is saying something for a show that was practically overflowing with unforgettable characters. This show saw him head for L.A and take on the forces of darkness on his own.

Angel distinguished itself from the mainline series by being a little darker and more mature. Throughout Angel’s five seasons, the eponymous character encountered some of the most evil and demonic creatures anyone ever has. His many adventures also led to him forging friendships and making allies in the most unexpected places. With this in mind, here are the five greatest allies and five most evil bad guys featured in the show.

10 MOST EVIL: Jasmine

Appearing in Season 4, Jasmine proved to be one of the greatest threats Angel ever encountered. Unlike other villains, Jasmine took a different approach to conquer the world. Instead of brute strength, she used mind control, turning the world into a supposed utopia of mindless slaves.

With everyone worshiping her, she was one of the most difficult monsters to bring down. Her true form was not seen by those who worshiped her, but when they saw her real form they quickly turned against her.

9 GREATEST ALLY: Charles Gunn

Charles Gunn was, without a doubt, one of Angel’s most trusted allies and he stuck with the cursed vampire through thick and thin. Gunn joined Angel Investigations in Season 2 after he tragically lost his sister. Specifically, Gunn was forced to kill after she was turned into a vampire.

He served as the brawn of the group and became a trusted friend to the whole team. He underwent one of the most radical transformations when he traded in his muscles for brains and became a lawyer in Season 5.

8 MOST EVIL: Darla

Originally appearing in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Darla went on to appear Angel with a much larger role. Although Darla did regain her soul, which saw her temporarily change as she found her humanity, she remains one of the biggest threats Angel faced.

This was largely due to her personal connection to Angel, which allowed her to manipulate him as no other villain could. This led to a one night stand between the two of them that saw Darla return months later, now pregnant.


Appearing all the way back in Season 1, Doyle was one of the first friends Angel made when he moved to L.A. Together, they formed Angel Investigations intending to investigate Doyle’s psychic visions.

Half-human and half-demon, Doyle was a great ally to Angel and the two had a lot in common, as both battled with the monster inside them. Sadly, Doyle only appeared in the first season and sacrificed himself to save Angel and Cordelia.

6 MOST EVIL: Daniel Holtz

Angel found the terrible things he did as Angelus came back to haunt him in Season 3, especially when Daniel Holtz returned for revenge. A vampire hunter, Holtz failed to stop Angelus and Darla way back in the 18th Century and saw his family killed by their hands.

He then made a deal with a demon and was frozen for 200 years. He was awoken in the present day and kidnapped Angel’s son, raising the child himself in a hell dimension. Although they returned to the human world, the rocky relationship between Angel and his son could never be normal.


Amy Acker as Fred in Angel

Fred underwent one of the most radical changes of any character featured in the series. Her tragic backstory saw he trapped in the demon world of Pylea, only to be rescued by Angel and his friends.

But her time in this strange world had not been kind to her, and she was incredibly shy, finding it difficult to fit in. As she came out of her shell she proved her worth and displayed her incredible intelligence, which saw her become one of the most indispensable members of the team.

4 MOST EVIL: Drusilla

Drusilla is undoubtedly one of the most unpredictable characters featured in the series. That, and she’s also one of the most evil. Featured originally in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Druslia made her way over to L.A. to continue her torment of Angel.

She was tasked with siring Darla, and after successfully turning her to the dark side the two went on a killing spree across L.A. Drusilla represents one of the worst things Angel created from his time as a vampire, making her the living embodiment of one of his greatest regrets.


Appearing from Season 2 and staying around all the way to the series finale, Lorne was a pacifist who still proved to be a great addition to the team. Lorne, like Angel, was a demon trying to do some good. Although not an expert fighter like many members of the group, Lorne had other talents that proved incredibly useful.

The sharply-dressed demon ran a karaoke bar downtown and had the unique ability to see the future of anyone who sung.

2 MOST EVIL: Wolfram & Hart

While Wolfram & Hart has its fair share of memorable enforcers and bosses, this evil origination constantly came to blows with Angel and his team, which is how they earned the top rank on this list. Wolfram & Hart goes back to the dawn of time in one form or another and although the company’s name and staff may change, its goal always remain the same.

Posing as a law firm, Wolfram & Hart is really a front for a cabinet of ancient demons that act as the company’s senior partners. Angel and his friends eventually took over the company with the intention of bringing it down from the inside, but the corrupting influence of Wolfram & Hart proved to be one of the biggest challenges they ever faced.


Wesley made his first appearance on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and was often the British butt of the joke. After leaving Sunnydale, he made his way to L.A where he joined Angel Investigations and proved himself to be a vital member of the group. He formed a close bond with Angel during this time however, their bond was broken when Wesley caused Angel’s son to be kidnapped.

This left Wesly alone with no one to depend on but himself. In this time, he transformed into a self-sufficient and ruthless demon hunter. He eventually reconciled with Angel and once they put the past behind them, they forged a new friendship that was stronger than ever before.

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