Candyman 2020: Did Tony Todd CAN BE FOUND IN The Teaser Trailer?


In the most recent Candyman teaser trailer, Tony Todd, the initial Candyman, appears to make an appearance; what could this mean for the “spiritual sequel”?

A painting of Tony Todd as Candyman.

In the Candyman teaser trailer released in June 2020, Tony Todd, the actor who played Candyman in the initial films, appears to create a very subtle appearance. Director Nia DaCosta has teased Todd’s return, but in addition has been wary of giving away way too many details; this has resulted in a significant quantity of speculation prior to the film’s newly-slated September 2020 release date. If Tony Todd did come in the brand new teaser, what could this mean for the upcoming Candyman movie?

Tony Todd is well-known amongst horror fans for his role as Candyman in the initial franchise. Both actor’s physical presence in the role and deep voice are iconic, so that it makes sense he will be reprised because the tragic villain or at the very least create a cameo appearance in a few capacity. However, the precise role Todd plays in Jordan Peele and Nia DaCosta’s new Candyman movie is still unclear. The most recent teaser trailer, however, offers another clue regarding his potential return.

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When Candyman was initially announced, Tony Todd’s name had not been mounted on the project. Nevertheless, Todd was vocal to his fans about attempting to be included until it had been officially announced he will be returning within an unknown way. The most recent Candyman teaser trailer appears to feature his voice by the end. Although it has not been confirmed by either Tony Todd or the studio, it sounds like Todd certainly.

Is Tony Todd In The Candyman Teaser Trailer?

Tony Todd as the original Candyman.

At the end of the teaser trailer, which only runs for a complete of 30 seconds, a sinister and deep voice says, “Tell everyone“. This voice appears like Candyman from the initial series exactly. If it’s Todd as Candyman indeed, then it seems sensible to assume he is returning for the brand new movie and that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who plays Anthony McCoy, may be the latest person to find and revive his legend. However, when Nia DaCosta was asked about Todd’s involvement in the film at a press event in February 2020, she said only that she “didn’t desire to give anything away“. Maybe Todd isn’t playing Candyman directly, but could serve because the voice of a fresh Candyman or one which sometimes appears only in memories or visions.

Another particularly interesting line in this latest footage is one which describes Candyman. It states that “Candyman ain’t a he. Candyman may be the whole damn hive“. This line is said before a go briefly shows a painting that looks remarkably like Tony Todd. It implies that Candyman is higher than one man and his tragic story, which aligns with the short animated teaser that has been released earlier in June 2020, and showed Candyman’s origin story paralleled with several real-world incidents of racial injustice. The 1992 horror classic, in the end, portrayed Candyman as a villain who survived by spreading the urban legend of his death.

The brand new Candyman, it seems, may ask audiences to take this further even, to keep in mind tragic stories such as for example these, also to study from them. It seems that Tony Todd includes a message to spread in this specific teaser trailer, not merely as hype for the Candyman movie, but additionally to “tell everyone” his story among others enjoy it.

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