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Deadpool’s healing factor can be very useful when trying to get out of a tough spot, but it can also become quite disturbing.

Marvel’s Deadpool is not afraid to get his hands dirty when it comes to saving the ones he loves, the world, and himself. In one of his more disturbing moments, Deadpool escapes from bondage once again, and his methods are far from pretty.

Deadpool a.k.a. Wade Wilson is a world-renowned mercenary who’s most famous superpower is his healing factor. Because his healing factor makes him nearly invincible, Deadpool can survive almost anything – including having his heart stolen from his body while he’s sleeping. In addition to being able to literally walk around without his heart, he is able to perform the most grotesque kills imaginable. Knowing Deadpool’s disturbing methods of killing and surviving, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to fans that when he becomes chained up in a warehouse that he escapes in a way that’s enough to cause one’s stomach to toss and turn.

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In Deadpool Vol. 4 by Brian Posehn Gerry Duggan Scott Kolins, Mike Hawthorne Scott Koblish, and Salva Espin, Deadpool goes on vacation… well, kind of. When Deadpool gets a call from the mercenary Trapster, the merc asks him to come to the Middle-Eastern country known as Al Wazirabad to aid the energy corporation called Roxxon. After arriving in Al Wazirabad, Deadpool realizes that the task he is being given is to eradicate a group of citizens living above a massive oil deposit. Because Deadpool has recently experienced a change of heart – after becoming the peaceful Zenpool, he decides to rebel against Roxxon and help the citizens. As the war on Roxxon rages near an abandoned fort, Deadpool waves a flag with his symbol stamped over the words “ROXXON” thinking they have won.

When he goes behind the fort, he expects to find hordes of Roxxon mercenaries. Instead, he only finds one… Omega Red – another merc with a healing factor and a cybernetically enhanced body. At one point when Omega Red is choking Deadpool with a metallic tentacle, Deadpool must perform a tracheotomy on himself to keep breathing. Because Omega Red knows he’s nearly impossible to kill, he continues to choke him while dragging him behind a jeep-heading toward an abandoned warehouse where he will listen to the sound of the citizens being executed. After being chained up, Deadpool dangles in the air, watching as the Roxxon mercenaries lead the citizens away from the warehouse and to their deaths. But Deadpool will do anything to save the citizens of Al Wazirabad and escape bondage, including chewing off one of his own arms.

After biting off one of his arms, he slips through the chains and stops the Roxxon mercenaries before they execute the citizens being lined up by a ditch. After being shot multiple times and left looking like a bloody zombie, two citizens help Deadpool to his feet and bring him to a nearby military facility where they patch up his arm with duck tape. Even with one arm hanging on by a thread, Deadpool is able to save the Trapster from being executed and ensure the citizens of Al Wazirabad escape in a plane. As disturbing as it may seem, this is not the first time Deadpool has lost his arm. But nothing is as nauseating as the time he received a new superpower.

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