Fortnite: Season 3 – How exactly to Forage Items at The Orchard (Week 2 Challenge)


The ball player can forage items in Fortnite: Season 3 from within the Orchard. For weekly 2 Challenge this guide can help players locate the Orchard.

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Fortnite Orchard

Players can forage items from the Orchard in Fortnite. This guide can help players locate the Orchard and explain how exactly to complete the Week 2 challenge. The most recent addition and biggest change for Fortnite season 3 are that partial parts of the map are completely flooded. Popular locations took the plunge and also have been replaced with dangerous sharks and boat riding. With water levels in gaming typically, most players aren’t the largest fans. Although, these new additions have added a fresh twist to the overall game that requires another strategy to achieve success. Here’s how players can navigate the map to get the Orchard and complete this week 2 challenge.

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Fortnite provides new challenges to players who own the battle pass weekly. This includes smaller challenges that may soon add up to help the ball player shred through the ranks. Week 2 challenge requires that players score a soccer goalie in Pleasant Park another. These challenges can make its players search all over the map and find out most of its new and changed locations. Here’s the positioning of the orchard and how players can forage for items inside it for Fortnite season 3.

Orchard Location and HOW EXACTLY TO Forage in Fortnite Season 3


The task requires that player forages 5 items in the orchard. Players will get the orchard located at Frenzy Farms. Here once, head south to locate a large chunk of trees as this is actually the orchard. To forage items, the ball player just must connect to things they find in these locations. For instance, if the ball player will get 5 apples and eat them, the task will undoubtedly be completed (apples are ideal for restoring HP aswell). Players may also use Fireflies being an item to forage, but they are much more difficult to acquire.

Fortnite challenges certainly are a great way to help keep players committed to the overall game. Also, skins have something about them that defines a player’s level of skill unofficially. It really is more likely a player with a high-level skin has invested additional time in to the game, meaning they’re very good throughout a battle royale thus. On the contrary end, chances are players with the default skin only are super fresh to the overall game, meaning very minimal skill. Although, players with great skins can be terrible no skins could be fantastic. It all boils down to the skill of the average person.

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Fortnite can be acquired now on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, PC, and Mac.


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