Homecoming Season 2: 5 Ways We Love Alex (& 5 Ways She ALLOWS US TO Down)


Season among Amazon Prime’s mystery-drama series Homecoming had viewers furrowing their brows and scratching their heads. It had been a mind-bender of a string, and it’s really difficult to assume what sort of second series could keep on without significantly changing up the primary content of the show.

( **)Season does up change things, but it addittionally keeps many major things exactly the same. That is surprising, since viewers are actually in on the big mystery of how are you affected behind Geist, the primary antagonist. Yet, by replacing previous frontrunner Julia Roberts with a fresh lead (the intriguing Alex stunningly played by Janelle Monaé), the show successfully forms a fresh season that’s just as filled with the rich complexities that viewers found know and love from the initial season. Listed below are five times audiences fell in love with the brand new protagonist Alex and fives times she let them down.

10 WE LOVED HER: She Trusts Herself

Viewers meet Alex when she’s no idea who she actually is, having woken up with her memory wiped just. The viewer can be given clues to whom Alex may be or some of her characteristics as an individual, but among the first acts which assert an excellent about her is when doctors make an effort to peg her as a drug addict and she insists she actually is not.

She’s no hard proof but trusts her gut feeling that that’s not who she actually is. It is a behavior which implies that, whoever she actually is, it’s somebody who commands respect and doesn’t concede to others.

9 SHE WHY DON’T WE DOWN: She Works Against Women

Janelle Monae in Homecoming Season 2

Once viewers are finally given a taste of Alex’s life before she lost her memory, she initially appears like somewhat of a hero. She is apparently a lawyer employed in defense of a female who has been sexually harassed by her high-level male boss.

But because the story continues on, it becomes clear that Alex is in fact manipulating the girl into dropping her case and that Alex, in fact, regularly works to obtain guilty men out of such situations.

8 WE LOVED HER: She’s Skilled

Alex may use her talents for unfortunate aims, but those talents themselves are noteworthy. Alex has somehow honed her skills of deception to an even of near mastery.

She doesn’t appear to have any qualifications or experience in being what you can only relate with undercover work, or being truly a spy, yet Alex easily moves into various fictions of her very own creation as though it’s second nature.

7 SHE WHY DON’T WE DOWN: She’s A Con Artist

As impressive as she actually is, the reality of the problem is that Alex is really a con artist. Being truly a con artist is a thing that could be thrown right into a positive light rarely, as it more often than not includes fooling someone else to be able to benefit one’s self.

The truth that Alex is somewhat of an expert at this helps it be a lot more concerning.

6 WE LOVED HER: She Created HER VERY OWN Profession

Homecoming Season 2 Alex Ending

In the ultimate episode of the next season, Alex stands with her memory lost, demanding a conclusion from Audrey. She can’t seem sensible of why on earth she’d do the things Audrey claims she’s done.

When she inquires into just what her profession is and just why she does it, Audrey reveals that Alex created the profession herself. Saddening, but quite impressive also.

5 SHE WHY DON’T WE DOWN: She Works Against Walter

Walter has virtually never done something to let viewers down. He’s a thoroughly wholesome character, and his only flaw has been being too kind and trusting for their own good ever.

The truth that season two finds Alex working against Walter – merely with regard to ensuring Audrey maintains her job promotion – helps it be very easy on her behalf to reduce points with viewers.


Everything Alex does is performed to improve on her behalf and Audrey’s life. This won’t make her actions excusable by any stretch, but if one was to see the drive behind her behavior in isolation from its effect on others, it could actually show her to become a devoted girlfriend and rather an enchanting.

Such areas of her character ensure it is difficult to peg her as purely “bad” but instead, show that she actually is actually complicated.

3 SHE WHY DON’T WE DOWN: She Encourages Audrey’s Corrupt Behavior

Audrey wouldn’t be where she actually is in season two or even for Alex. Alex was at every turn of her career there, bad-talking the co-workers who didn’t have confidence in her, encouraging her to stake her claim to an increased role in the business.

This might all seem sweet and supportive, or even for the known proven fact that it really is accomplished through deceit and hurts innocent people on the way, such as for example Walter.

2 WE LOVED HER: She’s Compassionate

Homecoming Season 2 Cast

Alex is proven to have an authentic appreciation for the qualities of others, even though it’s at odds with her behaviors toward them. She cares for Audrey deeply, and her coaching her to overcome her weaknesses is her method of helping her be her best self.

When she actually is attempting to con Walter, she mentions on the telephone to Audrey that he’s a “sweetheart”, clearly asserting that her immoral actions toward people aren’t an indicator of sociopathy or insufficient empathy, but conscious blindness or stubborn insistence that her actions aren’t that bad.

1 SHE WHY DON’T WE DOWN: She Preys On The Vulnerable

Homecoming Season 1 2 Julia Roberts Janelle Monae

Many people are guilty to be self-centered sometimes. Nobody is totally innocent of this. Knowing this, Alex’s profession could possibly be understandable or at the very least not just a major character flaw. However, this might function as case if those she lied to were on her behalf level from the start especially should they had the same advantage like (for instance) two lawyers in a courtroom.

However the people Alex fools aren’t only unequal however in states of extreme distress. In this real way, her shameful behavior echoes that of Geist, and isn’t all that not the same as Heidi in Season 1.

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