LOST: 5 Characters Kate MIGHT HAVE BEEN With (& 5 Reasons Jack Was A GOOD CHOICE)


Because the leading characters of Lost, Kate Jack and Austen Shephard developed a complex relationship and an epic romance. The attraction and the trust between them was clear from the pilot episode, as was the truth that their relationship was designed to be area of the show’s endgame.

While Kate and Jack’s romance worked in lots of ways, there have been also other characters who Kate could’ve were left with under different circumstances. A few of these characters were from Kate’s past while some were on the list of Oceanic Flight 815 survivors. Have a look at these characters who Kate could’ve been with, alongside explanations why Jack was a good choice.

10 MIGHT HAVE BEEN With: Charlie

Lost Charlie Kate

Because they hiked in to the jungle with Jack through the pilot episode, Kate and Charlie were one of the primary Oceanic 815 survivors who really surely got to know each other. Charlie flirted with her throughout that hike and again in a later episode once they encountered a swarm of bees. Both Kate and Charlie grew to look after one another deeply plus they supported one another throughout their darkest moments.

Kate never really had any romantic feelings for Charlie, though, also it didn’t take miss Charlie to become fully specialized in Claire. However, their early interactions and the friendship they developed could’ve blossomed into something more.

9 Jack: Trust

Lost Jack Kate

Jack trusted Kate from the initial moment he met her. Though she was a stranger even, she was asked by him to sew up his wound and asserted his complete faith in her, when she doubted herself even.

This trust stayed strong, even though these were given reason to be become and suspicious distrustful. Of your day by the end, Kate and Jack always knew they might count on one another, whatever the challenge they faced.


If Kate hadn’t been a fugitive, she and Kevin might’ve stayed happily married forever. They made one another happy and Kevin’s family always treated Kate well. The “normalcy” of her relationship with Kevin and the heat from his family provided refreshing stability and comfort in Kate’s life.

These factors could’ve helped create a wholesome and lasting relationship in a global where Kate wasn’t a fugitive and where she didn’t have to conceal her real identity.

7 Jack: Passion

Kate and Jack were passionate individuals who poured their hearts and souls into everything they did. This is true not merely within their relationship, but additionally within their leadership sufficient reason for any actions they took.

This allowed them to complement, understand, and admire each other’s passion. Nothing was ever taken lightly because they recognized the original passion in each other’s words and actions.


During Lost‘s earliest episodes, there is definitely an enchanting spark between Kate and Sayid. Other characters like Sawyer noticed this as he asked even, “What’s it like getting the doctor and Captain Falafel fighting over you?”

Restless and determined to do this so they could possibly be rescued, Kate and Sayid worked together and found one another to be quite charming frequently. There is mutual respect and admiration for his or her intelligence and resourcefulness. As the show continued, Kate and Sayid continued to work and depend on one another together, but there is never exactly the same sense of chemistry they shared in the first episodes.

5 Jack: Teamwork

Matthew Fox as Jack Shephard, Evangeline Lilly as Kate Austen and Jorge Garcia as Hurley in Lost

With a foundation of trust and passion, Kate and Jack could actually become a highly effective team. Whether it had been their first hike in to the jungle to retrieve the plane’s black box, Kate tracking Ethan’s trail and Jack reviving Charlie, or working together to defeat the person in Black, Kate and Jack always knew how exactly to are a team which could succeed.

They recognized each other’s strengths plus they also knew each other’s weaknesses, which allowed them to be always a more balanced team.

4 MIGHT HAVE BEEN With: Tom Brennan

Tom was Kate’s childhood sweetheart. As kids, they always imagined they’d find yourself together, despite the fact that they wanted various things out of life. Tom imagined creating a family within their hometown while Kate imagined leaving their hometown behind and finding adventure elsewhere.

Should they found a method to reconcile those desires, the partnership might’ve worked. If they reunited as adults, an enchanting spark still burned between them plus they were ready to trust one another completely. Their reunion ended in tragedy, however in another world, it could’ve ended with a joyful and lasting partnership.

3 Jack: Together ON / OFF The Island

lost aaron kate jack

When Kate and Jack returned to civilization as members of the Oceanic Six, they rekindled their relationship eventually. Unlike the majority of the other couples in the show, this allowed them to be always a couple both on / off of the Island.

They knew what it had been like to maintain a relationship on the Island if they were constantly in survival mode, however they also knew what it had been like to maintain a relationship in the more routine “real life.” These different environments presented many challenges wildly, however they showed that their love could endure in virtually any environment also.

2 MIGHT HAVE BEEN With: Sawyer

From the initial moment they interacted, it had been clear that Sawyer and Kate shared a power chemistry. Their chemistry only grew stronger because the series continued, as did their playful banter.

Even though many other characters misunderstood them, Sawyer and Kate possessed an insightful and intimate knowledge of each other. Kate helped Sawyer confront a few of his deepest insecurities and pushed him to become better person. For several these reasons, many fans were disappointed they didn’t find yourself together.


lost jack and kate

In the flash-sideways, Kate and Jack needed one another to keep in mind their lives also to move on. Kate helped Jack commence to see flashes of his life and by bringing him to the church, she helped “awaken him fully.”

Their love transcended death also it was clear these were designed to be together forever. Regardless of just how long it took, it had been clear they would have to be together prior to the group could move ahead.

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