Space Force: 5 Theories Why Maggie Naird Is In Jail (& 5 WHICH ARE Far-Fetched)


On Netflix’s Space Force, Lisa Kudrow’s character, Maggie Naird, is in prison for an unknown crime. Fans are speculating what got her locked up.

Netflix’s latest Top 10 masterpiece is Steve Carell and Greg Daniel’s Space Force. The 10-episode series revolves round the US military developing a sixth branch of defense called Space Force. Carell’s character, General Naird, is really a dry, to-the-point sort of guy who’s looking to get the branch off the bottom while looking after his family.

After becoming First General of Space Force, viewers learn Maggie Naird, General Naird’s wife, has been incarcerated for 40 years, but it’s never revealed why. With the hopes of season 2 being greenlit, Space Force fans attended as well as possible theories as to the reasons Maggie is locked up. Are of the theories plausible, though? Continue reading to discover.

10 IS PRACTICAL: Maggie Sabotaged A Launch DELIBERATELY

When General Naird discovered his family will be stationed to a base in the center of Colorado, Maggie is seeing crying beside him during intercourse. But why was she crying? One fan told Reddit they think Maggie sabotaged a launch deliberately. Sabotaging a military launch could possibly be viewed as terrorism, prompting her to a protracted jail sentence. Since Maggie didn’t seem worked up about Colorado, sabotaging a launch might have been her reason to obtain out of there.

9 Far-Fetched: Maggie Sold Secret Military Information

Would a female married to an initial general really sell top-secret military information? You can find rumors that Maggie betrayed her husband and her country by leaking information accidentally or willingly.

This seems far-fetched, however. General Naird is specialized in his country and when Maggie did something as horrific as selling government information, it’s highly doubtful he’d be focused on her. It could also be a stretch for the POTUS to permit conjugal visits for Maggie and Mark if she did do that.

8 IS PRACTICAL: Erin’s Nickname Has Something REGARDING Her Mother

According to Express, one fan thinks people at Erin’s school call her “Scraps” due to something her mother did.

( ***)The nagging problem, what could Scraps maintain relation to? Could it be short for scraps of paper that Maggie sold or left out? Did Erin or Maggie grab scraps of secret information accidentally, making her the butt of the joke with her mother in jail? Time shall tell.

7 Far-Fetched: AN INDIVIDUAL Vendetta Against POTUS

Did Maggie have something against POTUS? Was she upset that her husband was promoted and overtaking a fresh branch of military defense, and wanted revenge thus? As a female married to someone like General Naird for a long time, it’s strange to think Maggie would deceive her husband by seeking the President of america.

“My guess is that it had been an individual offense contrary to the president that got treated as treason,” the fan told Reddit. But what separates her from others who’ve committed exactly the same crime is her relationship with General Naird.

6 IS PRACTICAL: The Crime She Committed Happened Before Colorado

Did Maggie commit a crime before Mark was promoted to First General of Space Force? One fan told Reddit they think Maggie was crying during intercourse by the end of the initial episode because she knew her past would catch around her given that her husband was ready of power. Her tears were regretful because she was known by her life would change forever. What that crime was, however, has to be determined yet.

5 Far-Fetched: She Tried To Kill POTUS

In the same way it’s far-fetched since it is that Maggie willingly sold top-secret information because the wife of an over-all, it is also unbelievable that she’d have tried to kill the President of america. Maggie might be a little lost and lonely but would she really take her frustrations from the life span of a global leader? “I really believe she was so upset about moving from DC to Colorado she tried to kill either the President or the Air Force chief of staff,” a fan suggested.

The thought of Maggie having a vendetta against the Air Force chief of staff is more believable compared to the attempted murder of the president.

4 IS PRACTICAL: She Took The Blame ON HER BEHALF Daughter

Maggie and Erin are very different individuals in the beginning of Space Force than they’re by the finish. Both women were filled with life and pleased with Mark. These were colorful and smiley. But by the ultimate end of the pilot, they turned dark. Erin’s fall from happiness is blamed on leaving her friends but maybe it is because she’s in charge of her mother’s jail sentence. Perhaps that fits in with why her bullies call her “Scraps.”

With her daughter being so young and innocent, Maggie may have taken the blame so her daughter may have another.

3 Far-Fetched: Is Maggie A HEALTH CARE PROVIDER?

It isn’t said what Maggie did for work before she ended up in jail, or if she worked at all even. With General Naird working so much, having Maggie in the home could have been ideal for Erin. Nevertheless, News Week shows that Maggie is in fact a doctor. The idea goes that as a fresh doctor in Colorado, she “prescribed too [many] opioids.” A drug offense will make sense when considering along her jail sentence.



Did Maggie get caught up in piracy? One fan thinks Maggie wasn’t crying in the pilot over something she did but because she was moving to Colorado. The Naird family created a life in DC and both Erin and Maggie didn’t desire to leave it behind.

Perhaps on the path to Colorado, Maggie panicked on the plane and made a negative decision as a way to getting out from the move. This calculated attack might have been enough to possess her locked up while keeping General Naird employed.

1 Far-Fetched: DUI

It isn’t known if Maggie had a drinking problem. Viewers have only seen General Naird with one glass of wine, and also he then didn’t desire to drink an excessive amount of because he previously to be sharp enough to create intense decisions. But since Erin got drunk at the job being an 11th grader, maybe there is enough booze laying around from her mother. With Maggie being away for 40 years, she may have gotten herself in big trouble with driving under the influence or perhaps a hit-and-run.

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