Star Wars: 5 EXPLANATIONS WHY Mace Windu MAY BE THE MOST EFFECTIVE Of The Jedi Council (& 5 Reasons It’s Yoda)


Throughout all the main Star Wars films, the Jedi Order was at the height of its power through the Prequel Trilogy. That they had enjoyed an extended amount of relative peace and complacency. Yoda was at the helm of the Council through the final days of this type of Republic but since how it fell, the leadership responsibility was misplaced perhaps.

Because since it turned out, there could have been a far more powerful Jedi than Yoda by means of the underrated Mace Windu. He’s a far more cynical, aggressive, and adamant Jedi Master and raises arguments he may have stopped what Yoda couldn’t only if he were the Grand Master. Here’s how well each of them compare with regards to power.

10 MACE WINDU: He Wields A Purple Lightsaber

Mace Windu Purple Lightsaber Attack Palpatine

More often than not, the lore of a lightsaber’s color came first prior to the actual aesthetics. However in Mace Windu’s case, actor Samuel L. Jackson merely “requested” a distinctive purple lightsaber and George Lucas couldn’t say no compared to that. The lore afterward was seemingly established.

However, the lore supported precisely how peculiar a Jedi Mace Windu is. The purple Kyber crystals are so rare that only the very best & most special Jedi can harness their power. Needlessly to say, it matched Mace Windu’s distinct outlook on the Force, where he sees and straddles the fault lines between the Dark and Light Sides of the potent force such as a boss.

9 YODA: He GETS THE Title Of Jedi Grandmaster

Yoda Jedi Council

Needless to say, let’s remember who the Jedi Grandmaster is through the Prequels: The best hairy green Jedi, Yoda. He’s end up being the poster boy of the Jedi also to be fair to him, it isn’t exactly an easy task to be Grand Master.

To be remembered as one, the Jedi Council must elect her or him unanimously. Any Star Wars fan knows precisely how fickle and judgmental Jedi Masters could be with the Force concerned. They did elect Yoda for reasonable.

8 MACE WINDU: He Fought In More Battles

Mace Windu Cuts Off Jango Fett Head

This may be chalked around Mace Windu appearing younger than Yoda but still, the former is seen leading multiple charges head-first in the Clone Wars especially.

Mace Windu never hesitates to lead troops into battle whether they’re Jedi or clones and is definitely at the thickest of the fight. He even boldly tried to defend myself against Count Dooku and Jango Fett simultaneously whereas Yoda plays more of an armchair commander role.

7 YODA: He Led The Clone Wars On The Jedi’s Side

Since Yoda was the Grand Master, he was the main one in charge of leading the Jedi into certain directions that led them to victory after victory through the Clone Wars. This is where Yoda’s strategic planning became more important than Windu’s bravery.

The complete Council and also the Republic may not admit it, but Yoda was virtually the Commander of the combined forces of the Clone Army and the Jedi Order. Too bad he didn’t know he was doing 1 / 2 of Palpatine’s work with him.

6 MACE WINDU: He Kept The Dark Side AWAY

It isn’t just Mace Windu’s lightsaber that made him unique but additionally his fighting style, Vaapad. It is the 7th type of lightsaber combat and is frequently prevented by Jedi since it requires Force users to utilize the dark side for some aggression and relentlessness.

Mace Windu was essentially setting himself around turn into a Sith each and every time he fights but impressively enough, he succumbed to the dark side never. He were able to channel its power without losing the Jedi way… the majority of the right time.

5 YODA: He’s More In Tune With The Force

As powerful a swordsman or fighter Mace Windu is, viewers don’t usually see him use his Force powers in the films even though Clone Wars cartoons show him Force-crushing General Grievous. Yoda, however, is more liberal in his usage of Force powers.

He is able to easily levitate huge objects without experiencing the dark side. His Force powers may also be not physical but additionally transcends time and space just, allowing him to see in to the future – albeit inaccurately.


Despite treating Anakin terribly half enough time, it could seem that the Jedi Council is very much indeed alert to how powerful he could be and how he is able to surpass all of them. Qui-Gon Jinn said so.

That is why few Jedi Masters can contain Anakin’s hotheadedness and rage, yoda and Obi-Wan find it hard to suppress Anakin sometimes even. Mace Windu, however, merely must say “sit back” to place Anakin in his place. In addition, it appears only the courage is had by him to mention the denial for Anakin as a Jedi Master.

3 YODA: He’s Nearly A Millennia Old

One just can’t forget among Yoda’s most apparent quirks. Aside from being truly a dyslexic toad, Yoda can be a wise old oak. By the proper time of the Skywalker saga, he had been pushing 900 yrs . old.

The quantity of knowledge and the wealth of experience he’s got accumulated during those years must make him a walking Jedi Temple Archive. As a wise man said, knowledge is power. Mace Windu simply can’t match that.

2 MACE WINDU: He Defeated Palpatine

It could be fair to state that Mace Windu was most likely the best combatant the Jedi Order had through the final days of the Republic and the beginning of the Skywalker Saga. That’s because Mace defeated Darth Sidious/Palpatine easily before flying out the Windu– sorry, window.

Palpatine quickly dispatched three other members of the Jedi Council before Mace Windu taught him how exactly to utilize the dark side in combat. Yoda, however, lost to Darth Sidious shamefully.

1 YODA: HE’S GOT A Force Ghost

Star Wars Yoda Force Ghost

Sadly, neither Luke Skywalker nor Rey ever saw a rigorous bald blue Force ghost telling to obtain back up and kick some Sith butt. That could have already been motivating. Instead, it had been all either Yoda or Obi-Wan doing the posthumous guidance.

That perfectly means Yoda did have the ability to transcend death better and much more persistently in comparison to Mace Windu. This virtually makes Yoda immortal while being still in a position to troll Luke with lightning.

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