Suits: 10 Best Episodes From Season 1, Ranked (According To IMDb)


USA Network’s hit lawyer based drama, Suits, is one of the most popular TV series of the last decade, with the show gaining a cult following, of sorts. What makes the show so hooking is the wide range of characters, showcasing different personalities and each one as unique as it gets.

The show’s first season released way back in 2011 and to date, it is considered one of the best seasons out of the nine in total. It focuses upon introducing the interwoven elements of the story and concentrates on the characters’ personal lives while staying true to its legal world. Without further ado, let’s rank the top ten episodes from the first outing of the critically acclaimed series, according to IMDb.

10 “Inside Track” (8.3)

In the third episode of season 1, Mike has a lot of things on his plate. Firstly, he has that Rookie Dinner for which he needs to get ready. Also, his former best friend Trevor has found himself in a problem and needs help.

Moreover, Harvey and Mike find themselves in an odd situation, as they try to get rid of the new CEO of McKernon Motors while simultaneously trying to convince someone else to take the job.

9 “Bail Out” (8.3)

In the fifth episode of season 1, the whole 45 minutes or so depict two characters, namely Harvey and Mike, and their ability to help a friend out. While Trevor – Mike’s former friend and partner in crime – needs help yet again, Harvey finds himself in a dilemma.

Harvey’s driver, whom he trusts very much, needs bailing out; however, at the same time, Harvey needs to close a deal that would earn him a lot of money. The viewers learn a lot about two of the central characters in the story.

8 “Identity Crisis” (8.3)

In the eighth episode of season 1, Mike’s past comes back to haunt him. Everyone knew this thing would come out, sooner rather than later. A girl named Lola, the daughter of a huge businessman, threatens to reveal Mike’s secret, that he is not a Harvard Law Graduate unless Pearson Hardman gives up on a case they have against her.

Elsewhere, Harvey needs to take care of a problem brought upon him by Louis.

7 “Errors And Omissions” (8.4)

In the second episode of season 1, Mike learns the way Harvey works, as the latter doesn’t allow Mike to enter the “adult table.” Instead, he has to go back to Pearson Hardman and file a patent, which he doesn’t know how to, obviously.

Later, Louis Litt takes advantage of Mike’s inexperience and uses it to his advantage. Harvey lashes out at Mike after he fails to deliver what he was asked to do and lies about it.

6 “The Shelf Life” (8.5)

In the tenth episode of season 1, Mike meets his future, quite literally. A curious case of Stan Jacobson comes to Harvey’s attention. The man in question has worked as a Senior Vice President for Dreibach Accounting for nine years but without the necessary qualifications.

As it should be, Mike takes this case quite personally. Back at the office, Rachel kisses Mike, out of nowhere, suggesting a possible relationship.

5 “Undefeated” (8.6)

In the ninth episode of season 1, Harvey wants to win so badly that he is ready to do something the law doesn’t permit. This is another insight into his character – he likes to come out on top, whatever the cost, he’s ready to pay.

Harvey is up against a lawyer named Travis Tanner, who is no stranger to the game either. Elsewhere, Rachel is accused of something terrible by her employers and Mike steps up to her rescue.

4 “Rules Of The Game” (8.6)

In the penultimate episode of season 1, Harvey needs to bail out his mentor and former associate, Cameron Dennis, as his house is under attack thanks to some unlawful actions on his part. Harvey knows about them and he owes it to Cameron.

Meanwhile, Mike’s personal life is not going very well, especially after Louis tells Jenny about Rachel. Mike definitely has feelings for Rachel but he has a decision to make.

3 “Play The Man” (8.7)

The sixth episode of season 1 sees Harvey meet with one of his former acquaintances, Dana Scott, and goes up against her in a battle of egos. At Pearson Hardman, one of Louis’ proteges, Kyle Durant, comes up against Mike in a mock trial, with Rachel as the judge.

The episode stays true to its name, as instead of focusing on the case and facts, sometimes it’s better to just play the man in front of you.

2 “Pilot” (8.9)

The first episode of the series is as good as the makers would have hoped it to be. Harvey Specter has just become a Senior Partner in one of New York’s top law firms namely Pearson Hardman. And now, he needs to find himself an associate, and thus, he comes to meet an unqualified but impressive Mike Ross.

While both of them are hesitant to work together at first, they take a case and solve it together, even though it’s a crime for someone to perform law without a license.

1 “Dog Fight” (9.0)

The season 1 finale has everything. From Harvey’s moral code to Mike’s problems from the past, there are loads of things the viewers can understand about the two central characters from this episode alone.

While Harvey has to free an innocent man from a District Attorney who doesn’t care about justice, Mike needs to get his house in order, or else, the one he considered to be his friend could end up hurting him.

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