Suits: 10 Best Episodes From Season 2, Ranked (IN ACCORDANCE WITH IMDb)


USA Network Original, Suits, starring Gabriel Patrick and Macht J. Adams as Harvey Michael and Specter Ross respectively, is really a lawyer drama, that was released in the past in 2011 and soon became probably the most adored shows on earth. The gripping storylines, easy flow, and detailed characters make the acclaimed series quite binge-worthy critically.

In the finale of the initial season, Jessica Pearson finally surely got to find out about Mike’s secret from Trevor, this means both Harvey and his protege come in trouble. In this list, fans may take a glance at the 10 best episodes from the next outing of the series and how they rank, in accordance with IMDb.

10 “All In” – 8.6/10

In the sixth bout of season 2, Harvey and mike need to head to Atlantic City on short notice, following a situation arises. In the Royal Hall, there is a ballet event and Louis meets Rachel there as both of these bond.

With Donna out from the firm, it’s only fair to anticipate weird behavior from Harvey which is just what happens. To be able to diffuse the problem, Jessica gives Harvey a fresh assistant, but she knows much better than other people that Donna is irreplaceable.

9 “Blood In The Water” – 8.6/10

In the 12th bout of season 2, the struggle with Daniel Hardman has ended, but with the firm as vulnerable as ever, Harvey must find methods to keep his top clients to himself, with Allison Holt from Bratton Gould poaching them especially.

Elsewhere, Mike emerges employment from Bratton Gould, but needlessly to say, he declined and devote an excellent word for the recently fired Harold instead. Furthermore, Harvey really wants to become name partner.

8 “He’s Back” – 8.6/10

In the 14th bout of season 2, Daniel back is, only this right time, he really wants to destroy Pearson Hardman by bleeding them dry because of the insufficient resources. Monica has filed a sexual harassment suit against Louis, with 45 other gender discrimination cases.

Harvey just cannot visit a solution because whatever option they opt to pursue, it’ll only end with Pearson Hardman becoming broke. But with Harvey with you, you cannot lose without adding a fight.

7 “Rewind” – 8.7/10

The eighth of season 2 provides characters some background once we head during the past, looking at Harvey, Louis, and Jessica while these were younger and less experienced.

Considering it, you can realize why Harvey, the lawyer, developed a “win no matter what” mentality and just why Louis always appears to take little things personally. Also, this episode reveals who and what Daniel Hardman is really.

6 “Break Point” – 8.9/10

In the fifth bout of season 2, Harvey hands a significant case to Mike, where he has to come quickly to aid from a tennis player called Marco Mendoza. Later, Donna attempts a thing that could put her future in danger, that leads to a fight between her and Harvey.

Daniel and Jessica have a choice to create – whether to safeguard the identity of the firm or fire their finest lawyer, which may cause everything to go haywire.

5 “Asterisk” – 8.9/10

In the ninth bout of season 2, Daniel does all he is able to to secure votes in his favor and therefore, he promotes Louis to Senior Partner to get his trust, though even, five years back, Daniel tried to create Louis take the fall.

After recognizing this, Jessica wants Harvey to create Louis to their favor back, however the latter isn’t budging. Elsewhere, Donna returns by Harvey’s side in another of the very best moments of the growing season up to now.

4 “War” – 8.9/10

In the growing season 2 finale, it is a battle between Dana Scott and Harvey, as Jessica’s decision to merge with Darby International hasn’t been down well with Harvey. The context of the battle – if Harvey wins, he eventually ends up becoming name partner and when he loses, he shall expect whatever consequences come his way.

Towards the finish of the episode, an urgent scene occurs as Mike finally reveals the reality to Rachel.

3 “She Knows” – 9.1/10

The initial bout of season 2 continues right where in fact the season 1 finale left the viewers. Jessica is aware of Mike, but she calls him for supper and even though Mike is oblivious to the truth that she discovered his secret, he could be later told by Jenny.

Also, simultaneously, Harvey is told to fire Mike if not Jessica will. This episode tells how close Mike and Harvey have grown to be exactly, because the latter just couldn’t have the ability to say what.

2 “Sucker Punch” – 9.2/10

The seventh bout of season succeeds in displaying the strain surrounding Pearson Hardman, with Harvey and Donna in the heart of all of the action. Again, Harvey is against Travis Tanner, only this time around, his enemy is more motivated.

It’s scintillating to view Harvey proceed through different emotions because Donna is beneath the scanner. The mock trial is breathtaking to view, with Louis impersonating Tanner.

1 “High Noon” – 9.3/10

The 10th bout of season 2 is sad, fast, and emotional highly. Daniel has won the vote and be the brand new Managing Partner of Pearson Hardman, but Harvey isn’t losing such as this. He would go to Mike for help plus they end up receiving high, which results in a drug Harvey and test getting fired.

Also, Mike and Harvey find out the truth that Hardman might have been the main one who planted the memo in order that Donna could do just what she did.

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