Survivor: The 5 Most Iconic Blindsides (& 5 That Backfired)


Regardless of the stigma that often surrounds reality television, Survivor could make for a few pretty fantastic TV. As is frequently the case with any prestige drama, Survivor gets by on many twists and turns, and also the elimination of varied “beloved characters” (in this instance, real people). People you like obtain the ax sometimes, and sometimes people you despite find yourself doing effectively.

Area of the Survivor magic originates from the art of the blindside. Blindsides are an intrinsic portion of the Survivor DNA, and an expertly crafted you can maximize emotionless people squeal in excitement even. Meanwhile, a horribly-executed you can make audiences laugh at the trouble of the wannabe mastermind. Without further delay, these are the five most unforgettable blindsides on Survivor, and five that backfired in embarrassingly spectacular fashion.

10 ICONIC: Erik Gives Up His Immunity Necklace

Erik Reichenbach, Micronesia Survivor

There were many stupid plays in Survivor history. And there’s Erik Reichenbach quitting their own immunity necklace.

The infamous Black Widow Brigade of Micronesia got their claws into poor Erik and tricked him into quitting his immunity necklace to Natalie Bolton. Despite their promises to the contrary, the Brigade immediately fired up the now-vulnerable Erik and voted him out in a unanimous 4-1 vote.

9 BACKFIRED: Erik Vs. Amanda

To comprehend the brilliance (and stupidity) of the aforementioned Erik elimination, one must understand its intricacies. Erik was coerced into giving his immunity necklace to Natalie, as he was promised that she and Cirie would blindside Amanda if he quit the necklace.

Unfortunately, Erik trusted Natalie and took them at their word. Nonetheless it was never the “real” intend to blindside Amanda. It had been always likely to be Erik.

8 ICONIC: Edgardo Gets Eliminated FOLLOWING THE Merge

Edgardo’s elimination from Fiji can be an exercise in humility. Edgardo had dominated the pre-merge absolutely, but his game begun to fall upon the merger apart. He fell in to the minority alliance and was eventually the prospective of a betrayal that resulted his elimination from the overall game.

Fellow contestant and alliance member Dreamz Herd finished up betraying Edgardo by telling another alliance of his plan. They voted for Edgardo, and he was kicked from the overall game swiftly.

7 BACKFIRED: Edgardo Vs. Earl & Cassandra

Dreamz Herd, again in Fiji, finished up betraying Edgardo over his proposed intend to blindside Earl Cole. Edgardo’s alliance – which contains himself, Mookie, Alex, and Dreamz – planned to train on a hidden immunity idol to blindside Earl (and later Cassandra).

However, they didn’t notify Dreamz of said idol, leaving him feeling out-of-the-loop and betrayed. Seeking a far more loyal and truthful alliance, Dreamz flipped and betrayed Edgardo, leading to his eventual blindside.

6 ICONIC: J.T. Gives Russell His Hidden Immunity Idol

J.T. Thomas is but among the many victims of the diabolical (yet brilliant) Russell Hantz in Heroes vs. Villains. J.T. believed that the Villains tribe was systematically eliminating all of the men, and he made a decision to take action giving Russell his hidden immunity idol. He instructed Russell to utilize the idol to remove Parvati, seeing her as an enormous threat.

Unbeknownst to him, Russell and Parvati together were working, plus they used J later.T.’s idol against him in what’s possibly the most iconic blindside in Survivor history.

5 BACKFIRED: Tyson Vs. Parvati

Tyson’s infamous move around in Heroes vs. Villains is widely touted among the dumbest moves in Survivor history. The program was to split the vote on Parvati and Russell, ensuring that a minumum of one of them will be eliminated.

Everyone knew that was the program (including Russell and Parvati), yet Tyson planned on blindsiding both his tribemates and Parvati by voting on her behalf rather than Russell (as was planned). This course of action awry went horribly, owing to a concealed immunity idol, leading to Tyson’s elimination in a 3-2-0 vote.

4 ICONIC: Sandra Makes A NEGATIVE Deal

Sandra Diaz-Twine is arguably one of the biggest players in Survivor history, but she made the blunder of an eternity in Winners at War.

She made a cope with Denise: Denise would give two fire tokens in trade for Sandra’s hidden immunity idol, plus her guarantee for voting against either Tony or Jeremy. Denise made the trade for just one fire token, promising another after Tribal. There is no “after Tribal” for Sandra, though, as Denise used her very own idol to blindside Sandra. Not merely was she blindsided, but Sandra was played into receiving only 1 fire token.

3 BACKFIRED: Gabby Vs. Christian

David vs. Goliath saw the brilliant pairing of Gabby Pascuzzi and Christian Hubicki. Both orchestrated the blindside of Jessica Peet, but following a merge, Gabby began fearing that Christian would receive all of the credit for his or her gameplay.

She planned to blindside him, but Christian used a concealed immunity idol on himself, negating the five votes that were cast against him. It backfired, and Gabby finished up likely to the jury on a split 2-1-0 vote.

2 ICONIC: John Gets Ousted By The Outsiders Alliance

There’s perhaps no blindside as pleasing than that of John Carroll in Marquesas. Carroll was the first choice of the Rotu Four, the alliance who finished up eliminating Boston Rob. Feeling cocky after Rob’s departure, the Rotu Four began acting aggressively conceited and arrogant.

This caused the unaligned players to align themselves (in to the suitably-named Outsiders Alliance) and vote out Carroll in an excellent 6-3 vote.

1 BACKFIRED: Jean-Robert Vs. James

Survivor: China is filled with great gameplay, like the battle of the wits between Jean-Robert and eventual winner Todd. Jean-Robert planned to blindside James to be able to eliminate his two individual immunity idols.

Unfortunately, Todd had the exact same idea, and he began seeing Jean-Robert as a significant mental threat. Todd gathered his troops and blindsided Jean-Robert in a 5-3-1 vote.

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