That Revenge Spin-Off at ABC Isn’t Happening After All


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Time to put away those red sharpies, Revengers. TV Guide has learned that ABC will not be moving forward with the Revenge spin-off it was developing for next year’s 2020-2021 season.

News of the potential follow-up series first broke last year that ABC would attempt to launch a sequel series to its 2011 hit, Revenge. The new series would have followed the same blueprint the original established with Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp), but this time following a young Latinx immigrant, who would be “guided by one of the original series’ favorite characters” to exact revenge on the people who murdered her mother. There was much speculation that tech mogul Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann), Emily’s main partner in crime in the originals series, would have been said fan-favorite character. 

There were also plans to turn the spin-off into an anthology series. Rather than focusing one woman’s prolonged quest for revenge like the original series, this new show would have spent one season on each “revengenda” before moving on to a new story and a new mission each year. Unfortunately, we’ll never know whether this Revenge reimagining could have been.

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Revenge is streaming on Hulu.

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