The Last folks 2’s First Big Twist Explained (Full Spoilers)


The initial big twist within the last folks: Part 2 is something many players didn’t see coming, nonetheless it is practical in context of the complete story all together.

[WARNING: Spoilers for The Last of Us: Part 2 below]

The ending of the original THE FINAL of Us’ was one which shook the gaming world, and THE FINAL folks: Part 2’s first big twist shows how those actions everybody else involved. The dramatic stakes and desperation Joel felt during his escape and subsequent massacre of the Firefly hospital was an instant few games can rival. The wonder behind the brutality of the ending perfectly depicts not merely the lengths to which Joel would head to for his newfound daughter surrogate but additionally the grim and disgusting nature of the planet they reside in. THE FINAL folks, for just one final time, places the ball player in the shoes of Joel, a broken man who has lost so much and would do anything never to lose again. As the insufficient player choice in the destruction of the Fireflies could be difficult to play through, having seen everything Joel has lost, his actions are in least understandable.

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Crazily enough, the very best part about THE FINAL of Us’ ending may be the complexity of Joel and Ellie’s resolution that at first glance seems very easy. Ellie’s suspicion for Joel is completely justified, but given everything they are through she doesn’t desire to distrust him. The truth that Naughty Dog could put so much hidden meaning into Joel’s simple lie to Ellie, saying “I swear” is really a testament never to only the humanity of the characters, however the apparent flaws that produce them who also, they are.

[FINAL WARNING: Spoilers for The Last of Us: Part 2 below]

The ending of THE FINAL of Us is intensely felt, so much in order that its impact echoes through the entirety of its sequel. Actually, its impact is what justifies the brand new games initial early twist. THE FINAL folks Part 2 begins with a scene where Joel explains to his brother Tommy just what happened at the Firefly hospital four years back.  It really is clear his memory of what he previously done continues to be eating at him each one of these years later. After this scene soon, the ball player is introduced to the grouped community of Jackson, where Ellie and Joel have settled and lived in relative security. Ellie herself has found herself involved within the city quite, becoming friends with Dina and Jesse, two adults who have been dating at a genuine point.

How TLOU2 Follows THE FINAL folks

The opening hours of THE FINAL folks Part 2 are shockingly mundane, but that is to find the player familiar with the brand new characters, and the apparent calm prior to the storm exists to help make the first twist hit even harder. After spending time with Ellie, the overall game puts the player in control of a fresh character named Abby. As the player isn’t given enough time adjust fully to Abby being an individual, she seems trustworthy at this stage in the story generally.

After playing Ellie for a longer time and getting ultimately more well familiar with her future love interest Dina, Abby is manufactured playable once more. While Tommy and Joel are patrolling outside Jackson, they find Abby on the ropes against a horde of infected and save her. After Abby leads both Joel and Tommy to the lodge where she actually is staying, her friends help her to stage a surprise attack, shooting Joel in the leg with a shotgun. The climax of the twist concludes when Ellie finds Joel in the lodge, being beaten to death with a driver by Abby. While Ellie is pinned down, Abby delivers the ultimate blow, sending Ellie right into a ravenous rage. This rage stick to her through the entire entire game.

The horrifying murder of Joel is what justifies Ellie’s journey in THE FINAL folks Part 2The spunky but nonetheless innocent 14 year old girl from the initial title is over. Rather, her goal would be to make everybody associated with the murder of her father figure suffer a demise as horrible as he did.

The Impact of Joel’s Decision

Ellie holding gun in Last of Us 2

Among the only questions Abby asks Joel when she’s him subdued is if he knows why she really wants to kill him. Joel doesn’t answer this question directly, nonetheless it seems apparent he himself doesn’t know for certain. In a conversation with Dina down the road, Ellie also notes that lots of people had a score to stay with Joel through the entire full years. As the player sympathizes and understands with Joel because of their memories of the initial game, it generally does not change the truth that he’s got committed some horrible atrocities to be able to survive. Actually, the ending of THE FINAL of Us is one of these brilliant atrocities, killing the lead surgeon (who ended up being Abby’s father) at the Firefly hospital in cold blood. Needless to say, this decision was one manufactured in order for Joel to save lots of Ellie, but it doesn’t mean Joel’s actions don’t possess repercussions.

It appears that with this particular horrifying early game twist, Neil Druckmann and his team at Naughty Dog wished to show the viewer that killing has consequences in the post apocalyptic world. Through the entire entirety of THE FINAL folks, Joel killed a huge selection of individuals who got in his method for multiple different reasons. All this killing involves its conclusion at the Firefly hospital, where Joel decides he’d rather save Ellie then have a remedy potentially be discovered.

joel in the last of us 2

The viewer understands this decision wholeheartedly, because the relationship formed between Joel and Ellie is something comparable to a parent and the youngster. Not surprisingly, Joel’s actions by the end of THE FINAL folks quite literally doomed humanity. Sure, the viewer may realize why he acted just how he did emotionally, but it doesn’t mean others will. Actually, the incident at the Firefly hospital is what involves destroy Joel back. Still, the ball player has experienced so many highs and lows controlling Joel from their first venture.

Ultimately, the murder of Joel creates the brutal reality of these who reside in the planet of THE FINAL folks: Part 2; anyone can die and everyone has blood on the hands. Because of the actions of Joel, Abby has gotten her taste of selfish revenge and Ellie’s story in THE FINAL folks Part 2 sets the ball player around aid her in the very same goal. With the true manner in which the overall game initially frames Abby, the player was created to hate her just as much as Ellie does undoubtedly, preparing them to commit even more to Ellie’s horrific adventure.

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