The Walking Dead’s Governor Could’ve Been Setup Much Earlier


The Governor was the initial major villain to surface in The Walking Dead, but a deleted scene suggests he could’ve debuted far earlier in the show.

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David Morrissey as Governor in Walking Dead

Was The Walking Dead‘s Governor originally teased as soon as season 2? Played by David Morrissey, The Governor was the initial major villain Rick Grimes and his band of survivors had to remove. Recognized to his friends as Phil, The Governor may be the leader of Woodbury, a cushty and well-stocked community that hides a deeper darkness. Regardless of the friendly ‘town mayor’ act, The Governor is truly a sadistic murderer who slaughters and tortures others in order maintain his position in Woodbury routinely. Once the likes of Rick and Michonne threaten that, The Governor embarks on a search for revenge, eventually mounting a complete attack on Rick’s prison. EVEN THOUGH Governor succeeds in destroying the nice guys’ settlement, the villain’s past misdeeds soon catch around him in deadly fashion.

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The Governor’s introduction marked the initial of many human antagonists in The Walking Dead, but Rick had certainly encountered several bad apples before that. In season 1’s “Vatos” for instance, a gang of attackers kidnap Glenn and make an effort to rob some weapons. Rick forms a team to bust in to the gang’s hideout but once inside, they uncover the Vatos bunch are in fact looking after residents of a vintage people’s home who have been struggling to evacuate. Understanding their situation, Rick cuts his adversaries some slack and both groups go their separate ways on friendly terms.

The Vatos characters never feature again in The Walking Dead, however they were likely to make an appearance in season 2 before scene involved finished up on the cutting room floor. In these initial plans, Rick’s survivors seek shelter with Vatos and the old-timers after escaping the CDC. Coming to the settlement back, however, the area have been overrun and the Vatos crew left for dead. The deleted scene would’ve included an instant where Daryl notices the residents have been shot, than bitten rather.

David Morrrissey as the Governor in The Walking Dead

This bloodbath perfectly fits The Governor’s strategy of attacking smaller communities, executing everyone inside and swiping their supplies, and Vatos would’ve geographically fallen within Woodbury’s hunting ground. The scene plays up the mystery of the attackers’ identities, with Daryl going as far as to claim he’s more worried about the perpetrators compared to the undead. This suggests the storyline was to be developed in later episodes strongly. Fans have speculated that the Vatos massacre was intended as setup for the impending arrival of The Governor.

Possibly the scene was removed because The Walking Dead‘s producers realized the start of season 2 was prematurily . to start out teasing The Governor’s season 3 arrival. The villain’s unassuming introduction and gradual outing as a madman allow The Governor to build up naturally right into a chilling and menacing villain, but that evolution might possibly not have been as effective with a season’s worth of build-up. This process was adopted somewhat for Negan and backfired, because the character’s eventual arrival simply couldn’t match the hype. Alternatively, the deleted scene might prove that the Woodbury arc was to begin with in season 2 originally. The Walking Dead‘s second run is normally considered its weakest because of lengthy time allocated to Hershel’s farm. This might’ve been because of change of plans concerning the Governor’s debut.

The Walking Dead hasn’t confirmed who killed the Vatos gang, therefore the intended culprits could’ve been only disposable TV-only villains who have been ultimately scrapped. Even without the The Walking Dead season 2’s Vatos scene, it creates sense to assume the group were killed by The Governor’s men. As a little, modestly-armed bunch with old visitors to defend, it had been just a matter of time before Vatos were picked off by way of a more ruthless and organized foe.

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The Walking Dead season 10 happens to be on hiatus.


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