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As Discord’s audience changes, it’s time for the app to create some changes, and Discord’s new branding may be the first rung on the ladder towards being more inclusive.

  • by Kim Key


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Popular app Discord isn’t only for gaming anymore, despite popular belief. The streaming and communication service is a mainstay of the gambling community since its inception. Now, however, the business says it really is focusing its efforts on providing communications services for everybody, not gamers just.

The business launched in 2015, and today Discord servers boast a lot more than 100 million monthly active users. That is clearly a large amount of people, rather than all are gamers. However, the chat app was originally constructed with gaming users at heart, and filled up with in-jokes that just a gamer could love.

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On June 30th, Discord announced a noticeable change to the chatting platform on the blog. Gone will be the days of leaning on the old “gamer tropes” as a fresh era of inclusivity exists. In accordance with founder Jason Citron, Discord is shedding their old branding, and adopting a fresh company tagline, which is simply “Your house to talk.

Along with changing taglines, Discord includes a new also, more colorful website having a cast of aliens from all walks of life. Citron says the app includes a streamlined on-boarding experience, increased voice and video capacity by 200 percent, and made the references and jokes within the app more inclusive. Citron says many users expressed frustration with the app, saying, “A lot of you told us that the largest misconception you hear about Discord is that it’s ‘only for gaming,’ nevertheless, you feel Discord’s for ‘literally everyone’ and ‘for anyone who loves to talk.’

It is the right move for something that really wants to keep growing and changing. The business is not any doubt considering past competitors to comprehend where they would like to go in the foreseeable future. Among the issues with an app like Skype could it be didn’t acknowledge that the majority of its users originated from the gaming community and beyond and kept a difficult concentrate on business services. As Discord matures being an app so when an ongoing business, they need to accommodate the users they will have, while also throwing out the welcome mat for just about any new users who opt to drop by.

Lots of people are stuck at home during the COVID-19 crisis with only streaming and voice or video chatting being an outlet. It is the right time for an app like Discord to produce a move toward inclusion. Whether it’s a server simply for sharing memes, a Dungeons and Dragons role play hub, or perhaps a accepted place for communities to assemble for multiple purposes, Discord is wanting to be everything for several people, also it might just work.

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