5 Things We Want To See In Red Dead Redemption 3 (& 5 Things We Don’t)


It seems all but confirmed that the next big project for acclaimed video game publishers Rockstar Games will be Grand Theft Auto’s sixth installment. However, given how universally beloved and incredible Red Dead Redemption II was, fans cannot help but be selfish and hope for a fourth entry to the Red Dead franchise, and the third Redemption, sooner rather than later.

But what do fans want from the game? RDR2 was perfect in so many ways, but outside of another classic story and brilliant characters, what are fans hoping for in the next installment, and more interestingly, what do they pray either goes away or stays away?

10 Want – A Fast Travel System

Red Dead Redemption 2 Fast Travel

One of the weakest aspects of RDR2, and one that frustrates a lot of fans, is the sheer joke that is the fast travel system. It is incredibly limited.

The camp version is slightly better, but is one way, which is only half useful. Eventually, spending forever traveling halfway across the map gets tedious, and fans get sick of it, so the option of a real fast travel system would be a welcome inclusion for a third entry.

9 Don’t Want – The Same Map & Locations

Red Dead Redemption Map in Red Dead Redemption II

Staying on the topic of the map and getting across it, when the third entry comes, fans do not want to be traveling to the same small towns like Valentine.

Seeing some of these locations like Blackwater might work, but realistically fans want a new map, with new towns and places, perhaps even real areas from the legitimate old west.

8 Want – More Things To Spend Money On

Red Dead Redemption Bear Hunter

By the end of the Red Dead game, players end up with an insane amount of money, far more than anyone will ever know how to use. The options for buying stuff gets exposed as limited when players are free playing.

A third game should see more options for pretty much everything – based on the time period for certain categories of items – on which to spend money. Perhaps houses, businesses, or ranches would solve this issue instantly.

7 Don’t Want – The Same Level Simulation

Admittedly, fans are split on the issue of how many simulation systems are too much within the game. Still, there is no denying some of what players have to do in RDR2 is ludicrous for a video game, despite how admirably realistic it is.

The fact people notice the lack of baths you have taken, how easily forgetting to eat can affect Arthur and his weight, how tired Arthur and his horse get when forced to travel fast, the necessity of sleep, hunting, setting up camp, etc. it can all be too much for many people.

6 Want – Better Movement

Going back to the topic of Arthur’s stamina, it is not something fans have to worry about when Arthur is simply walking, as he may be the slowest character in video game history.

It is with Arthur’s various movements that the realistic nature of the game gets frustrating, like when players are forced to slow down because Arthur moved fast for a little too much time. The most frustrating comes with the horses. Trying to hitch the horse is a struggle, and it’s very frustrating when the horse runs headfirst into a tree or trips over a rock.

5 Don’t Want – Glitchy Online

Red Dead Online Screen

There is no denying that the RDR2 Online was one of the most anticipated aspects of the game, but one that disappointed a few fans. It is, of course, far from finished, but there are a lot of glitches to fix and things fans want to be done better.

A much better job should be done about this when RDR3 is released, if it does release and if it does have an online. Every game is expected to have glitches, especially in the online, but perhaps more should be done for the overall quality of the next installment.

4 Want – DLC

Red Dead Redemption 2 Undead Nightmare Teased Zombie

One of the most popular things to come out of the original Red Dead Redemption was the DLC that was Undead Nightmare. Many fans expected a version of this or some sort of DLC for RDR2, but it has yet to come.

For a third installment, fans will definitely be hoping for some DLC to go alongside the primary campaign. There could be added missions, or another Undead Nightmare, or even something related to the first two games.

3 Don’t Want – Clunky Combat

Red Dead Redemption II Arthur Morgan

One of the things fans noted immense displeasure about in RDR2 was the gunplay and how it could be extremely clunky, in particular the aiming.

Getting set up in cover is its own struggle, then aiming itself is something far worse as, without deadeye, the player has to rely on the less than reliable auto-aim system (if they have it on,) or just hope they manage to out-shoot the NPC’s.

2 Want – A Living, Breathing, Open World

Red Dead Redemption 2 Snow Hunting

This honestly goes without saying, but what RDR2 does in terms of a genuinely massive living and breathing world is nothing short of spectacular, and perhaps the best example of it in gaming history.

Should a third Red Dead come, fans do not want to sacrifice this, and hopefully, Rockstar can find some way to improve on some aspects of the living world to make it truly perfect.

1 Don’t Want – Random Accidental Encounters That Go Wrong

What part of that living, breathing world needs to get fixed most? The random encounters that lead players into shootouts they do not want to be in, leads them to become wanted, and leads them to given a bounty that they did not mean.

Players could accidentally bump into someone in the narrow Saint-Denis, get into a fight, and become wanted. They may get forced to kill a random person who starts shooting because they just passed by, leading to witnesses conveniently being there, or any other number of annoying situations that just infuriates fans.

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