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The PlayStation 4 is without a doubt one of Sony’s greatest consoles, featuring one of the best and most diverse selection of games ever seen. There’s a little something for everyone to enjoy regardless of their tastes or their Chinese zodiac sign.

While not the most scientific method, every zodiac sign is composed of different traits and interests. This means there could very well be a correlation between the year of your birth and the things you enjoy, including PlayStation games. With this in mind, here is your favorite PS4 game based on your Chinese Zodiac sign.

12 RAT: Minecraft

Minecraft Splash Screen

If you were born during the year of the Rat, Minecraft is the perfect game for you and will present you with endless opportunities to express yourself. Individuals that fall under this sign are resourceful, kind, and quick-witted. Making the fun freedom offered in Minecraft, a concept they can get down with.

Particularly the building, which is something their resourceful nature will be drawn to and will allow them to shine as no other game can.

11 OX: Horizon Zero Dawn

horizon zero dawn aloy

The Ox is the embodiment of strength and determination, making all those born during the year of this powerful animal equipped with these traits. Because of this, the PlayStation exclusive offers a lot of fun for all the Ox’s out there.

The unique world of Horizon Zero Dawn sees players battle against hulking machines in an epic story that remains one of the best of this generation. The rich combat offers plenty of fun all those born under this animal to enjoy.

10 TIGER: Fortnite

Fortnite Soldier Shooting from Cover

Those born under the year of the Tiger are without a doubt some of the most competitive people around, because of this, Fortnite is the perfect game for them.

With massive battles of 100 players in a single game, each out to kill each other and be crowned champ, Tiger’s will have countless hours of fun with the multiplayer title. With a variety of game modes to enjoy, Tiger’s will find the competitive fun will keep them coming back for game after game.

9 RABBIT: Spider-Man

Of all the Chinese zodiac signs those born under the year of the Rabbit have one of the most unique combinations of characteristics. They are kind, elegant, and responsible, because of this Spider-Man is the perfect game for them.

They’ll get a lot out of the games’ excellent story which features Peter Parker trying to balance his superhero and normal life the best he can. But they’ll also get a kick out the games’ impressive open world, where they can swing through the city like only a Spider-Man can. Spider-Man on the PS4 remains one of the best Marvel games ever made.

8 DRAGON: Shadow Of The Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is one of the greatest games on the PS4, the remastered PS2 game still dazzles and offers some of the greatest boss-fights ever seen. Because of this, the game is perfect for all those born under the year of the Dragon.

The epic fights require the most confident individuals. But on top of all of that, these fights will take more than just brute strength to overcome, and will require all the intelligence that Dragons have in abundance.

7 SNAKE: Control

Control Game DLC Expansion

Release just last year Control sees the laws of physics and reality warped will strange and unexpected results. The game’s combat requires players to keep their wits about them as they distort the laws of physics to survive.

This makes the game a sure-fire fun time for anyone born under the year of the Snake, who are known for their intelligence and being enigmatic. Beyond the combat, the strange mysteries surrounding the Federal Bureau of Control will keep them coming back.

6 HORSE: Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal throws players into Hell and sees them fight their way through hordes of demonic creatures in a frantic and blood-soaked battle to survive. The game offers plenty of action, as well as scares. Where some zodiac sign may not be drawn to the games fast-past and frenetic nature, those born under there year of the Horse will find the game to a breath of fresh air.

This is larger due to their animated and active nature, which will see them running, jumping, and dashing through the fiery pits of hell as no other zodiac sign can.

5 GOAT: Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Community Center

Stardew Valley offers plenty of fun for those born under the year of the Goat. This is largely due to the calm and gentle nature of the game, which may put off other zodiac sign, but will find Goat’s having hours of fun.

The game allows you to decide what you want to do, and how quickly you want to do it. It’s not the most challenging game, or competitive. Instead, allowing players to have their own fun.

4 MONKEY: Dreams

Dreams Sassy Kitty

Dreams stands out among the PS4’s library as one of its more unique experiences. The game allows players to let their imaginations run wild and create their own games.

Because of this those born under the year of the Monkey will find the game has a lot to offer, allowing their curious and smart nature to run wild. The complex features of the games game-creation tools will provide Monkeys with plenty of opportunities to explore and learn.

3 ROOSTER: God Of War

God of War Snow Covered Giant

God of War features a unique mix of environmental puzzle-solving and bone-crunching combat. Because of these features, it’s the perfect fit for anyone born under the year of the Rooster, who will find the game has plenty to offer.

Their observant and courageous attitude means that God of War offers plenty for them to sink their teeth into. On top of all that the game’s character-driven story will see them invested in Kratos’ heroic journey.

2 DOG: Persona 5

Persona 5 Royal New Game Plus

Where other zodiac signs may be put off by Persona 5, those born under the year of the Dog will find it to be right up their alley. The game allows you to build up relationships with people and decide who you want to spend time with.

The loyal and honest nature of Dogs means that they stand to get the most of this unique mechanic. In addition to this, the game sees players enter an alternate world where they but stop corrupt individuals, which will also please those born under this zodiac sign.

1 PIG: Uncharted 4

Nathan Drake Uncharted 4 Sony PlayStation 4

Uncharted 4 marks the epic conclusion of Nathan Drake’s incredible adventures and features plenty for those born under the year of the Pig to enjoy. The epic action-adventure story sees Nathan Drake globe-trotting around the world in search of treasure, and the rich story will leave Pig’s satisfied.

This is in large part due to their diligent and compassionate nature, because of this they will find the games combat to be deeply satisfying.

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