The StartUp With All The Answers

The StartUp With All The Answers

Insurance is one of those buzz words that has a bad rep in pop culture. We’ve heard of famous lawsuits involving insurance, insurance claims being rejected, and the burning down a business to collect the insurance trope you see in most movies. But do we truly understand what insurance is, and what part it plays in our day to day lives?, a Dubai based insurance comparison website has all the answers. What started out as an online platform to bring insurance providers and buyers together quickly turned into a fount of information for the clueless buyer. 

The talented insurance agents at quickly realized that a lot of the queries they got from buyers were about the basics of insurance. So they launched an Insurance Help Center answering any and everything about insurance available in the UAE.

Often referred to as the WebMD for insurance’s Help Center is continuously updating. 

“People’s insurance concerns keep evolving,” says Wasim Ullah, Marketing Director at “I remember after the heavy rains in January all the questions on our website chatbot, our social media inboxes, and our helpline were about flood and water damage and if insurance covers it. So we’re constantly updating the Help Center and adding new insurance categories with time.”

With an inherent distrust about insurance in the common man, it is imperative that we learn as much as we can about it. From basics such as what insurance is to the ways to steps to file a claim,’s Help Center tackles all these and more. 

As an insurance comparison platform, it also excels. Partnered with some of the best insruance providers in the UAE, UAE citizens, and residents access to the best policies. It also helps providers access areas where they don’t have physical branches, or active brokers and agents. It’s a win-win for everyone.

And it’s not limited to comparing quotes to find the cheapest policy or the one with the most unique features. No. helps you through all the insurance processes. From buying to switching to renewing, and even canceling policies. It basically encompasses the whole lifecycle of a policy. No matter which stage of the insurance cycle you are on you can always find help at

“We like to think we’re a safe haven for insurance buyers,” Wasim quips. “There are so many scams out there, and fake agents that hound and harass you to buy policies. We don’t need to harass buyers. We’re providing a service that is an essential need. Health and motor insurance are mandatory in the UAE. People have to buy insurance. So they’ll come to us because we only deal with providers registered with the UAE Insurance Authority. We provide a space where buyers can take their time without feeling rushed. We walk them through the process, we explain everything once, twice, thrice till the buyer understands. That’s why they trust us.” is currently running a discount campaign on their platform with up to 35% off on car insurance. Follow this link to avail the offers now:


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