FAUG Game APK Download Requirement? Go to Talkshubh

faug game apk download

Recently, after government of India put ban on PUBG game, people are madly looking for an alternate to the app. In this race, an app that hasn’t yet been released in leading the race. Akshay Kumar announced that he’ll be launching FAUG game with Ncore gaming company. Just after the news came out, people started looking for the game download. Indian media website, Talkshubh, shared update on Faug Game Download APK news.

Talkshubh will share FAUG Game APK once launched

Just as the FAUG game apk gets launched, direct download link for the app will be updated on Talkshubh. According to media companies and news sources, the app might get launched anytime in October – between 10th to 20th of October.

Once it’s on play store, it will be made available for downloading in APK format too.

Fake apps rounding on Internet

Shubham Agrawal, founder of Talkshubh, also told us that their are many fake apps uploaded on Play Store by the name of FAUG and that people are being misled because of the name and poster. Those apps are not the official FAUG App. The official update will be notified by the Ncore Gaming twitter handle as well on famous websites like Engadget and Talkshubh.

How to download FAUG apk?

To download FAUG Apk, do the following –

  • Go to talkshubh
  • Open FAUG Game Link
  • Check for APK updates
  • Once launched, click on APK download link
  • Download game and start playing.

We’ll update more details about FAUG APK once we get official notification.



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