The Vampire Diaries: All 4 Times Nina Dobrev’s Elena Dies Explained

Elena Gilbert has died multiple times through the entire Vampire Diaries. Here is a rundown of every death, and what goes on in the aftermath. The Vampire Diaries kills off many characters... Read more »

Grand Theft Auto’s Hot Coffee Mod Controversy Explained

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PS Adds Watch Dogs 2 Now, Street Fighter V, and Hello Neighbor For July

The PS Now free games for July 2020 improve the bar for Sony’s service, adding Watch Dogs 2, Street Fighter V, today and Hello Neighbor to the platform. by Cody Gravelle three... Read more »

Castleford grandad experiencing cancer lost for words after kind stranger will pay for hair cut

NewsPeople A grandad from West Yorkshire who’s experiencing cancer was lost for words – following a kind stranger covered him to possess his hair cut. Tuesday, 7th July 2020, 8: 33 pm... Read more »

Halle Berry Apologizes for Considering A Transgender Movie Role

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Final Fantasy 9’s Active-Time Events OUGHT TO BE CUT BACK

Final Fantasy 9 used the Active-Time Event system to greatly help flesh out its story and world, and it’s really something the series must recreate. by Hayes Madsen 1 minute ago Email... Read more »

Kim Kardashian’s New Hairstyle GETS Sci-Fi Movie Comparisons

Kim Kardashian is shocking KUWTK fans with a fresh orange hair color that definitely sticks out – and getting comparisons to The Fifth Element. Kim Kardashian of MAINTAINING the Kardashians just debuted a hot... Read more »

Law & Order SVU: Christopher Meloni Teases Benson & Stabler Reunion

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Future Flash WENT So Fast He’s Forgotten How Old HE COULD BE

Impulse has been running for such a long time that he’s completely lost an eye on time, because the future Flash doesn’t even understand how old he truly is by Liam McGuire... Read more »

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