GST collection numbers could boost struggling economy

There is a relief in the midst of the slowdown in the economy. There has been a jump of six per cent in the GST collection in November. GST collection has reached... Read more »

Over 7 million Fastags released so far, 330% jump in sales

The central government said on Wednesday that more than 70 lakh fastags have been issued so far. On Tuesday, the highest number of 1,35,583 tags were sold. This is the highest level... Read more »

Samsung India To Hire 1,200 Engineers

Samsung India has offered some good news during a period of slow economic growth. The company has said that it is preparing to hire more than 1,200 engineers from top institutes like... Read more »

Walmart, CVS, Walgreens pull Zantac

Retail giant Walmart has also decided to remove the Zantac heartburn drug from its US stores after a potentially dangerous impurity in the product has been discovered. Walmart noted that the measure... Read more »

New study suggests staying away from airplane water

You have probably never thought much about the quality of water in an airplane. Maybe it’s time for you to do it. A recent study classifies water served in major regional and... Read more »

Prices at the pump will continue to rise after the attack in Saudi Arabia

Canadians could see gasoline prices rise by 5 to 12 cents per liter in the coming days as oil prices rise after an attack that hit oil facilities in Saudi Arabia badly,... Read more »

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo Challenge US Customs Taxes

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have asked the US authorities to remove video game consoles from the list of products hit by potential new taxes on imports from China, according to a letter... Read more »

Uber makes debut on stock market

Uber Technologies shares opened down 6.7% to $42 on Friday for its Wall Street debut on the biggest IPO in New York since Facebook seven years ago. However, the VTC platform had... Read more »