After 5 days, there was a break on the price of petrol

Petrol prices remained steady on the third trading day of the week after a rise of 5 consecutive days. At the same time, there was no change in the price of diesel... Read more »

US economy grew 2.1% in third quarter

The United States economy registered a growth of 2.1% in the third quarter, slightly higher than forecast. But many economists argue that the country is slowing in the current quarter. The Commerce... Read more »

American Walmart stores will no longer sell e-cigarettes

Walmart announced Friday that it will stop selling electronic cigarettes in its stores, including Sam’s Clubs, following a series of mysterious illnesses and deaths related to vaping. The largest chain of retailers... Read more »

British tour operator Thomas Cook officially declares bankruptcy

The British company Thomas Cook officially declares bankruptcy. The oldest tour operator in the world has failed to find the funds necessary for its survival. “Despite considerable efforts, discussions between the various... Read more »

Connected objects transmit data about the habits of their owners

Most connected devices routinely send behavioral data from their users to third parties, reveals a collaborative study between Northeastern University and Imperial College London. The research team from both universities tested 81... Read more »

A woman from San Diego claims the Mega Millions lottery prize of $ 522 million

Laarni Bibal bought the winning lottery ticket of more than $500 million on June 7 Laarni Bibal did not think much when she bought her ticket for the Mega Millions raffle on... Read more »

incognito mode coming to Google maps

The IT giant is considering a feature that would reduce the amount of data collected by the application. This stealthy browsing mode, similar to the one already available on Google Chrome, leaves... Read more »