Toys R Us offers interactive experience to increase sales

There are only two stores of the renovated Toys R Us, the one in New Jersey and another in Houston Jaelyn Farrell climbed a fortress in a tree, played in fake sand... Read more »

GST collection numbers could boost struggling economy

There is a relief in the midst of the slowdown in the economy. There has been a jump of six per cent in the GST collection in November. GST collection has reached... Read more »

Over 7 million Fastags released so far, 330% jump in sales

The central government said on Wednesday that more than 70 lakh fastags have been issued so far. On Tuesday, the highest number of 1,35,583 tags were sold. This is the highest level... Read more »

Tata Steel’s Canadian garbage dump is causing concern

A week after drawing attention to Quebec because of the presence of reddish waters around its facilities, the Tata Steel mine in Schefferville is again singled out. This time, the company is... Read more »

Samsung India To Hire 1,200 Engineers

Samsung India has offered some good news during a period of slow economic growth. The company has said that it is preparing to hire more than 1,200 engineers from top institutes like... Read more »

Increased advertising on Amazon annoys users

Amazon is displaying more commercials, which benefits you economically but annoys users who are looking for a specific product. When the user searches for a product, the search results are combined with... Read more »

Catalyst launches hostile bid to acquire Hudson’s Bay Company

The war is declared between Catalyst Capital and the “Baker Group”, which has already agreed with the Hudson’s Bay Board to take control of the company. Catalyst, which holds approximately 17.5% of... Read more »

After 5 days, there was a break on the price of petrol

Petrol prices remained steady on the third trading day of the week after a rise of 5 consecutive days. At the same time, there was no change in the price of diesel... Read more »

US economy grew 2.1% in third quarter

The United States economy registered a growth of 2.1% in the third quarter, slightly higher than forecast. But many economists argue that the country is slowing in the current quarter. The Commerce... Read more »

Walmart, CVS, Walgreens pull Zantac

Retail giant Walmart has also decided to remove the Zantac heartburn drug from its US stores after a potentially dangerous impurity in the product has been discovered. Walmart noted that the measure... Read more »