Audi will eliminate 9,500 jobs by 2025

Audi will eliminate 9,500 jobs in Germany by 2025 as part of a transformation plan to make the company “efficient and sustainable,” the German automaker said today. The Volkswagen subsidiary based in... Read more »

American Walmart stores will no longer sell e-cigarettes

Walmart announced Friday that it will stop selling electronic cigarettes in its stores, including Sam’s Clubs, following a series of mysterious illnesses and deaths related to vaping. The largest chain of retailers... Read more »

British tour operator Thomas Cook officially declares bankruptcy

The British company Thomas Cook officially declares bankruptcy. The oldest tour operator in the world has failed to find the funds necessary for its survival. “Despite considerable efforts, discussions between the various... Read more »

Major Canadian Franchise Drops Beyond Meat

They say the chain’s decision should not have a negative impact on Beyond Meat, a California-based company. For JoAnne Labrecque, a marketing professor at HEC Montréal, the chain may have reacted too... Read more »

New York turns red with renewed trade tensions

The clues In Toronto, the S&P / TSX ended the session with a gain of 41 points, or 0.25%, to 16,899 points. In New York, the S&P 500 lost 14 points, or... Read more »

Connected objects transmit data about the habits of their owners

Most connected devices routinely send behavioral data from their users to third parties, reveals a collaborative study between Northeastern University and Imperial College London. The research team from both universities tested 81... Read more »

GM stops production in Oshawa because of strike in the United States

The assembly of vehicles is suspended until further notice at the General Motors (GM) plant in Oshawa, Ontario, due to the strike of the automaker’s workers in the United States. “Plans are... Read more »

New study suggests staying away from airplane water

You have probably never thought much about the quality of water in an airplane. Maybe it’s time for you to do it. A recent study classifies water served in major regional and... Read more »

Airbnb wants to make the jump on the stock market in 2020

The site of short-term rentals Airbnb announced in a statement Thursday that it intends to become a public company next year. The private company, founded in 2008 in San Francisco, has not... Read more »

incognito mode coming to Google maps

The IT giant is considering a feature that would reduce the amount of data collected by the application. This stealthy browsing mode, similar to the one already available on Google Chrome, leaves... Read more »